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One News Now

Pregnancy Center Files Lawsuit against the City of Raleigh

By M.H. Cavanaugh
Christian Action League
August 19, 2016

AbortionRALEIGH – A Pro-Life group, A Hand of Hope ministry, has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Raleigh. The non-profit organization claims the city violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution by denying their rights to religious liberty, free speech, and equal treatment under the law.

Hand of Hope is a pregnancy resource center. On their website under “Who We Are,” they say, “We are committed to being a voice for the voiceless, sharing Christ in a real way to expectant parents and regardless of the outcome – doing it all again tomorrow.” Their primary mission is to discourage women from having an abortion and to educate and assist them with alternatives.

The ministry wants to move into property that they own on Jones Franklin Road, which is next to Preferred Women’s Health Center – an abortion clinic. Read the rest of this entry »

State Budget Director and Secretary of Commerce Debunks HB 2 Has Been Bad for State’s Economy

By M.H. Cavanaugh
Christian Action League
August 19, 2016

NCFollowing the passage of HB 2, commonly known as “the bathroom bill,” the headlines since March have predicted dire consequences for the state’s economy. Opponents claim conventions, concerts, sports events, and business cancellations, along with boycotts and losses in tourism seriously injure the state’s economy. Therefore, they say HB 2 must be repealed.

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin has argued the measure puts “North Carolina’s economy at risk.” Chris Sgro, executive director of Equality N.C., says that it weakens the state’s “competitive edge.”

These assertions don’t square with the numbers according to State Budget Director, Andrew Heath and John E. Skvarla, the state’s Secretary of Commerce. Read the rest of this entry »

Two Republican Lawmakers Have Resigned in a Little More than Three Weeks

Replacements have been chosen to finish their terms and placed on the ballot for November
By Hunter Hines
Christian Action League
August 19, 2016

Rep. Mike Hager, Photo by James Piedad

Rep. Mike Hager, Photo by James Piedad

RALEIGH – In a little more than three weeks, two Republican lawmakers have resigned their seats and will not seek re-election in November.

House Majority Leader, Rep. Mike Hager (R- Burke, Rutherford), officially resigned his seat on Tuesday.

Hager served three terms in the state House. He served with considerable promise moving quickly from freshman caucus leader (2011-2012), to majority whip (2013-2014), and finally to majority leader in (2015-2016).

In a released statement, Hager, said, “It is with great trepidation that I announce my resignation to the North Carolina House of Representatives. I want to thank everyone, especially my family, for their support over the past six years. It has been an honor representing House District 112 and the great state of North Carolina. My time serving has been the most humbling and rewarding experience to serve my constituents and develop many great friendships with them and colleagues along the way. After much prayer and consideration, it is time to spend more time with my family and pursue other opportunities.” Read the rest of this entry »

National Center for Public Policy Research Confronts Red Hat of Raleigh Concerning Position on HB 2

National Center for Public Policy Research
August 17, 2016

Red HatRALEIGH – At an annual meeting of Red Hat shareholders held in Raleigh, North Carolina last Thursday (August 11th), the National Center for Public Policy Research asked management for the legal rationale behind the company’s argument that assigning sex based on physiology constitutes illegal “sex discrimination” under federal law.

North Carolina passed a law, known as HB2, determining that public restrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities, including some in educational settings, should be used by individuals based on their biological sex. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has gone to federal court to argue the law should be thrown out because assigning sex by biology constitutes illegal “sex discrimination.”

The DOJ is arguing that under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the 1972 Education Act Amendments and the 2013 Violence Against Women Act, assigning a person a sex based on their physiology constitutes illegal sex discrimination. Read the rest of this entry »

Benham Brothers Warn Parents Against ‘Godless Agenda’ in Schools and ‘Gender Unicorn’

By Stoyan Zaimov
The Christian Post
August 17, 2016

Benham BrothersCHARLOTTE – Conservative Christian brothers David and Jason Benham are speaking out against the government’s “godless agenda” that stems from the “hippie sexual revolution” and the Obama administration’s transgender directives that pressure schools to give boys access to girls bathrooms and locker rooms.

“From the hippie sexual revolution of the ’60s to the gender unicorn today — our school rooms are the fertile soil for godless government agendas,” the Benhams wrote in a Facebook post Monday.

David Benham elaborated on those thoughts in a speech he made last week at the Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board meeting where he talked about the Department of Education’s directive. Read the rest of this entry

Read related story: Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board Faces Protestors Opposing Pro-LGBT Transgender Agenda

Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board Faces Protestors Opposing Pro-LGBT Transgender Agenda

By M.H. Cavanaugh
Christian Action League
August 12, 2106

SchoolCHARLOTTE – Protestors met outside the Charlotte Government Center prior to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) Board meeting Tuesday afternoon. They were there to rally in opposition to a pro-LGBT transgender agenda to be implemented into CMS schools.

The protest, organized by the North Carolina Values Coalition (NCVC), and aided by comments from renowned evangelist Franklin Graham, featured speakers who highlighted problems with the new plan set to go into effect on August 29th.

According to NCVC, the CMS plan has five serious problems. Read the rest of this entry »

Federal Court Hears Case about Bill that Provides Religious Accommodation for Magistrates

SB 2 allows magistrates; assistant and deputy registers of deeds, to opt-out of marriage services
By Hunter Hines
Christian Action League
August 12, 2016

CoirtASHEVILLE – Arguments regarding SB 2 – Magistrates Recusal for Civil Ceremonies, commonly known as “The Magistrates Bill,” were heard in a federal court in Asheville on Monday.

The bill, which passed in 2015, establishes a procedure for state magistrates to recuse themselves from the performance of all marriages and an assistant or deputy register of deeds from issuing a marriage license, based upon a sincerely held religious objection to same-sex marriage. The recusal is allowed for up to six months and remains in effect until it’s rescinded in writing. Officials recusing themselves are not subject to prosecution for not performing these services.

Presiding over the case is U.S. District Judge Max Cogburn, the infamous federal judge who knocked down North Carolina’s Constitutional marriage amendment that defined marriage as one man and one woman in 2014. Read the rest of this entry »

‘Talk It Out NC’ Underage Drinking Campaign Focuses on Negative Impact of Alcohol on the Adolescent Brain

By Pam Blume
Christian Action League
August 12, 2016

alcoholIn 2014, the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Commission began a series of hard-hitting TV spots on underage drinking through the initiative “Talk It Out NC.” The theme of the ads was “It’s never too early to talk to you kids about the dangers of alcohol.”

In February of this year, a report was presented to the Governor’s Substance Abuse and Underage Drinking Prevention and Treatment Task Force. The report, entitled “Alcohol & the Adolescent Brain: Immediate Impairment, Long-Term Consequences,” presented the issue of the disastrous effects of alcohol on the teenage brain, much more so than on the mature adult brain. Read the rest of this entry »

You Are Not Going to Believe This! Please Do Something!

By Dr. Mark Creech
Christian Action League
August 11, 2016

Rev. March Creech

Dr. Mark Creech

During the months of campaigning for North Carolina’s Marriage Protection Amendment in 2012, I went to nearly every county of our state stumping for its passage. I told numerous audiences of church people at that time that the legalization of same-sex marriage would create a sea of change ultimately ending in gay activists attacking the free speech of ministers and churches. Gay activists said such arguments were scare-tactics. Yet here we are, even our churches are now being told that they have to amend their teachings, comply with new laws or face punishment from the government.


Right now in the great state of Iowa, the Fort De Moines Church of Christ in Des Moines, a small fellowship that describes itself as “simply trying to be faithful to God’s Word,” has filed a federal lawsuit. They’re seeking to preserve the right of the church to teach biblical sexuality, as well as to prevent the government from forcing them to open their restrooms and shower rooms to members of the opposite sex. Read the rest of this entry »

In North Carolina Revival, God Saturated One Town with his Presence

Be sure to read executive director’s note at the bottom of this story
By Mark Ellis
August 9, 2016

Thousands attend Burlington Revival. Picture courtesy of

Thousands attend Burlington Revival.
Picture courtesy of

BURLINGTON – Pastor Randy Hobbs has been pastoring New Hope Baptist Church in Burlington for 37 years, but he’s never seen anything like the revival that began on Mother’s Day of this year and continued until July 29th.

The church invited evangelist C.T. Townsend, 34, to visit for a week. “We had such a mighty move of God in breakthrough power on Friday evening,” Pastor Hobbs recounts. “We felt the presence and the raw power of God, with people moving to God. It’s what God did in the service.”

“We had such a great meeting we decided to continue another week,” he adds.

On Sunday, May 15th, one of “the roughest men in the county” had a dramatic conversion. “We had prayed for him for years, and he’s been coming to church, but we could never get him to move,” Pastor Hobbs says. Read the rest of this entry »