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One News Now

Johnston County DA Enforces Ban on Internet “Sweepstakes Cafés”

By Pam Blume
Christian Action League
September 19, 2014

Johnson CountySMITHFIELD – Last week, “The CAL Insider” reported on the current status of the internet sweepstakes gambling ban passed by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2010 and upheld by the State Supreme Court in 2012.

Read previous story: ‘Gaming’ the System: AKA How to Play Gambling ‘Whack-a-Mole’

“Sweepstakes Cafés” have attempted to circumvent the ban by installing “pre-reveal” software that allows the customer to purchase internet time and see what prize is revealed before the game is played, thus allegedly eliminating “chance” and legitimizing the game with the new law, according to café owners.

This has resulted in some confusion and conflicting opinions on the legality of the “pre-reveal” software in the lower courts and with local law enforcement, but the State Attorney General’s office insists the law is clear and makes no exception for “pre-reveal” software. Some district attorney’s and local law enforcement have been reluctant to enforce the law until the issue is clearly settled. Read the rest of this entry »

First Conviction Handed Down from New Sex Trafficking Law

By Pam Blume
Christian Action League
September 19, 2014

Human TraffickingWILMINGTON – The first conviction resulting from the passage of the S 683-Safe Harbor/Victims of Human Trafficking was handed down last week in Wilmington. According to the New Hanover District Attorney’s Office, Drequan Dugar, age 20, plead guilty to human trafficking of a minor and first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor. He was sentenced to serve two consecutive sentences of 77-154 months and 60-132 months and will spend at least 11 years in prison. He must also register as a sex offender for a minimum of 30 years upon release.

Prosecutors in Wilmington told local media the young girl was located when her mother called the hotline run by A Safe Place, a local outreach center for victims of human trafficking. Workers there were able to locate the victim on a website known for prostitution. They immediately called law enforcement and officers were able to pinpoint the hotel where the victim was being held and arrested Dugar. Read the rest of this entry »

American Council on Alcohol Problems Meets in Oklahoma City, Dr. Creech Ends Term as President, New President Installed

By M.H. Cavanaugh
Christian Action League
September 19. 2014

Front Row, L-R:  Steven Walsh, Cheryl Corley, Bill Day, Mark Creech, Anita Bedell, Joan Wolkin, Back Row: L-R: Dan Wert, Doug Henson, Ed Wolkin, Joe Godfrey, Rob Chambers

Front Row, L-R:  Steven Walsh, Cheryl Corley, Bill Day, Mark Creech, Anita Bedell, Joan Wolkin,
Back Row: L-R: Don Wert, Doug Henson, Ed Wolkin, Joe Godfrey, Rob Chambers

OKLAHOMA CITY – Monday and Tuesday of this week, the American Council on Alcohol Problems (ACAP) held its annual Convention in Oklahoma City at Southern Hills Baptist Church.

There were seven state affiliates present representing Alabama, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Delegates heard inspirational messages from Dr. Doug Melton, pastor of Southern Hills Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, and Dr. Anthony Jordan, Executive Director of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

Two law enforcement officers, Darrell Weaver and Paul Robinson, both of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs presented critical information to affiliates about the challenges Oklahomans face in combating the negative impact of alcohol and illicit drug use. Read the rest of this entry »

Winston-Salem Officials Defy State’s Constitution, Act Lawlessly

By M.H. Cavenaugh
Christian Action League
September 12, 2014

Winston-SalemWINSTON-SALEM – “It is unquestionably an act of lawlessness,” said Dr. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League. Dr. Creech was referring to a decision by Winston-Salem officials to defy the state’s constitutional amendment on marriage by recognizing out-of-state same sex marriages for city benefits.

In a memo dated August 28th, Winston-Salem’s Human Resources Department states:

“Effective immediately, the City of Winston-Salem will change the definition of marriage to recognize marriage licenses from any State or U.S. jurisdiction, regardless of sex, for all City benefit programs.” Read the rest of this entry »

‘Gaming’ the System: AKA How to Play Gambling ‘Whack-a-Mole’

An update on the remaining problem of ‘Sweepstakes Cafes’ in N.C.
By Pam Blume
Christian Action League
September 12, 2014

GamingIn 2010, the NC General Assembly passed legislation that would ban internet gambling operations. A state appellate court subsequently ruled the law unconstitutional, but in 2012, the NC Supreme Court reinstated the ban. But, just as a virus eventually adapts to a new drug and learns to thrive, the gaming industry is attempting to adapt and find its way around the law.

In venues sometimes referred to as “Sweepstakes Cafés,” customers typically buy time on a computer and are given access to online gambling games.

According to the website Online Poker, “… thousands of these ‘sweepstakes’ cafés have sprung up across the US raking in more than $10 billion each year in revenues, and not surprisingly they have drawn the attention of state authorities, who view them as nothing more than illegal gambling fronts. Read the rest of this entry »

Hudson to Have Alcohol Referendum: Opposition Forces Organizing and Gaining Momentum

By M.H. Cavenaugh
Christian Action League
September 11, 2014

HudsonHUDSON – “I feel that we as pastors, churches and Christians are called upon to be the ‘moral conscience’ of our community. If we fail to oppose alcohol with all the damage it has caused, how are we to muster the courage to oppose that which comes next, such as the legalization of marijuana, same-sex marriage, etc.,” said Robert Setzer, pastor of Ambassador Baptist Church in Hudson, North Carolina.

Setzer is now the head of the newly formed referendum committee, “Citizens for a Drug Free Hudson,” an organization planning to fight a proposal for greater accessibility to alcohol in the small town. Read the rest of this entry »

Students Prepping Now for Annual ‘See You at the Pole’ Event

By Brittany Farrell
North Carolina Family Policy Council
September 11, 2014

Flag PoleStudents around the world are preparing for the 24th Annual “See You at the Pole” event to offer prayers for their own generation. This year’s See You at the Pole (SYATP) global event is scheduled for September 24, 2014, but activities will occur at numerous schools around the world throughout the week of September 21-27. This year’s theme of “Never stop praying, especially for others” is from Ephesians 6:18. “The 2014 theme follows Paul’s famous passage on the armor of God, challenging and encouraging Christ followers to stand strong in the Lord and be His representatives to share the Good News of the Gospel.”

SYATP is a student-led event in which students join together at their school flagpole to humble themselves before God in intercession for their generation. Participants are asked to gather in front of their individual schools at 7:00 a.m. local time on Wednesday, September 24 to pray for “global unity in Christ and prayer for [their] generation.” Throughout the week of September 21-27, students are encouraged “to find new and unique ways, places, and times to pray” in their public, private, and home school experiences. Ideas include launching “on-campus Bible clubs, prayer strategies, and student ministries.” Read the rest of this entry »

Can Republicans Take Back Control of the Senate?

By Samuel Smith
Christian Post
September 9, 2014

CapitolNew polling shows that the Republicans hold a slight edge over Democrats in enough key midterm Senate races to give the GOP control of the Senate.

With Republicans needing to take back six seats from Democrats to win back the majority in the Senate, A New York Times/CBS News/YouGov online survey of more than 100,000 likely voters, finds that Republican challengers hold leads in eight states for Senate seats currently held by Democrats, and no Democrats are leading in a state currently held by a Republican. Read the rest of this entry »

CLPA of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina Urges Support for the CAL

By Pam Blume
Christian Action League
September 5, 2014

CLPAThe Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee (CLPA) of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) is encouraging state pastors to lead their churches to actively support the Christian Action League (CAL).

In a letter sent to pastors of churches in cooperation with the NCBSC, the committee reminds church leadership that the state convention “…was instrumental in the founding of the CAL and has always been a financial supporter of the CAL. However the support of churches and individuals is essential.” The CLPA urges the pastors to lead their churches to place CAL in their annual budgets. With 4,300 churches in the state convention, a budgeted annual gift of just $100 per church would greatly impact the ministry of CAL. Read the rest of this entry »

Students Rights in the Public Schools Seminar Held in Yancey County and Simulcast Live on the Radio

‘Seminar more pertinent than ever when considering a recent letter sent by Americans United for the Separation of Church and State to North Carolina school districts,’ says executive director.
By M.H. Cavenaugh
Christian Action League
September 5, 2014

Students Rights SeminarBURNSVILLE – “The information shared by Rev. Creech was a timely presentation for our communities in western North Carolina. I have no doubt that many parents, students, and school administrators, who listened to the seminar presentation, gained a new sense of confidence in their constitutional rights to express their faith within the public schools,” said Garland Honeycutt, head of the Blue Ridge Values Coalition.

Honeycutt was stating his view on the positive influence of a Students Rights in the Public Schools Seminar, led by Dr. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League on Thursday, August 28th at the Yancey County Court House in Burnsville and simulcast live on radio station AM 1470, WKYK-WTOE. Read the rest of this entry »