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One News Now

Bills to Repeal HB 2, Legalize Medical Marijuana, and Increase Lottery Advertising Introduced First Days of the ‘Short Session’

By M.H. Cavanaugh
Christian Action League
April 29, 2016

CapitolRALEIGH – Lawmakers made their way back to the halls of power this week to reconvene for the Short Session of the 2015-2016 Legislative Biennium.

The two chambers of the Legislative Building and its conference rooms were abuzz with activity as bills were being crafted and introduced for their first readings on the House and Senate floors.

Two bills, one on the House side and the other on the Senate side were introduced for the repeal of HB 2 – the controversial measure that overturned an egregious Charlotte city ordinance and restored basic expectations of privacy people have when using the restroom. The bill, which is now law, also provided that private businesses can make their own decisions regarding accommodations and services and not be forced by a city ordinance to do certain things that could be detrimental to their business.

HB 946 – Repeal HB2/Fund Human Relations Committee, sponsored by Representatives Darrin Jackson (D-Wake), Graig Meyer (D-Durham), Susi Hamilton (D-New Hanover), Grier Martin (D-Wake), would repeal the law and appropriate $545,407 to the Human Relations Commission to be used “for operating expenses.” HB 946 was referred to the Judiciary IV Committee, which is the same committee that approved HB 2 during the special session in March. Read the rest of this entry »

Durham School District Policy Could Jeopardize Children’s Privacy, Safety

Alliance Defending Freedom/Christian Action League
April 29, 2016

GenderDURHAM – This week, Alliance Defending Freedom, along with members of KeepNCSafe, which includes Dr. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League, sent a letter to Durham Public Schools requesting they reject a proposed policy that could be used to allow children access to bathrooms opposite to their biological sex.

Despite the concerns expressed in the letter, and raised by parents and concerned North Carolinians at the School Board meeting Thursday night, Durham School Board members unanimously voted to add “gender identity” to its Equal Educational Opportunity.

The new policy reads: Read the rest of this entry »

Rally Defends HB 2 against ‘Preposterous Allegations’

Nearly 5,000 People rallied to thank state leaders for the passage of HB 2, despite harsh criticisms of the bill
By Seth Brown
Biblical Recorder
April 29, 2016

RallyRALEIGH – Crowds of people from across North Carolina gathered April 25 on the open lawn outside the state’s legislative offices in Raleigh to show support for House Bill 2 (HB 2), also called the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. Speakers at the Halifax Mall rally denounced so-called “preposterous” allegations against the new law, which claim HB 2 is discriminatory, unprecedented, anti-Christian and responsible for economic backlash against the state.

The event coincided with the opening day of the legislature’s 2016 short session.

With roaring applause, approximately 4,800 demonstrators thanked state leaders who sponsored and voted for HB 2, despite harsh criticism leveled at the bill from pro-LGBT activist groups, corporations, music artists, the White House and United Kingdom. Gov. Pat McCrory signed the bill March 23 to preempt a local ordinance passed by the Charlotte City Council that would have opened restrooms to people based on the gender identity of their choice. HB 2 overturned that policy by requiring state buildings and public schools to designate bathrooms and changing facilities for use according to the biological sex indicated on a person’s birth certificate. Read the rest of this entry »

Student Group Sues NC State for Requiring Permits, for Any, All Speech

Alliance Defending Freedom
April 27, 2016


IStockPhoto Credit: Bryan Pollard

RALEIGH – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing a Christian student group at North Carolina State University filed a federal lawsuit against school officials Tuesday over its policy requiring a permit for any kind of student speech or communication anywhere on campus. The university only selectively enforces the policy and did so against Grace Christian Life, a registered student organization, when officials told members of the group that they needed a permit to speak with other students in the student union.

“Public universities are supposed to be the marketplace of ideas, not places where students need a permit just to exercise their constitutionally protected freedoms. The only permit needed to engage in free speech is the First Amendment,” said ADF Senior Counsel Tyson Langhofer. Read the rest of this entry »

Nearly 5,000 People on the Halifax Mall Rallying for HB 2.

Nearly 5,000 People on the Halifax Mall Rallying  for HB 2

Christian Action League
April 25, 2016

RALEIGH – Monday, approximately 5000 people came to the Halifax Mall in Raleigh for a rally in support of HB 2. Media reports on the bill have been inaccurate, even deceptive.

The rally was an incredible success with numerous national and state speakers, as well as state lawmakers. It was a powerful showing of the overwhelming support for the measure. The vast majority of North Carolinians support this common sense legislation and they want our Governor and state lawmakers to stay the course.

Below is the full text of Dr. Mark Creech’s speech at the rally, which was met with an exuberant response from the crowd. Dr. Creech is the executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina.  Read the rest of this entry »

We’re Making Some Changes to Increase Our Effectiveness

Don’t Forget the Rally for HB 2 on Monday
Christian Action League
April 22, 2016

CALThe Christian Action League is making some changes to increase its effectiveness. We are reconstructing our vast email list to make it possible to reach more people faster than ever before. That will require we forego our weekly e-newsletter, The CAL Insider, for this week.

For more than a decade people in nearly every county in North Carolina have been receiving, The CAL Insider. This will be the first time we have ever missed an issue.

Still, we knew that we could count on your patience while we sharpen our ability to be a greater influence for Christ in a much endangered culture. Read the rest of this entry »

Next Rally Planned for April 25th, on the Halifax Mall in Raleigh

Christian Action League
April 15, 2016

Return AmericaDuring a rally held in support of HB 2 on April 11th on the lawn of the Capital Building in Raleigh, Dr. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League, announced another rally was being planned for April 25th on the Halifax Mall.

Return America will be the host and its president, Ron Baity, shared with Dr. Creech on Friday that plans for the next rally are still in development and it too should be another exciting event with thousands more in attendance than the first. Read the rest of this entry »

Rally Draws Energetic, Jubilant Crowd of 1000+ in Support of HB 2, the Governor and State Lawmakers


Watch Video of the Rally at the end of this story
By L.A. Williams
Christian Action League
April 15, 2016

RALEIGH – Crowds who gather in the heart of Raleigh to bend the ear of lawmakers don’t often shout repeated choruses of “THANK YOU!” But that was the unmistakable message of some 1,000 people who gathered in front of North Carolina’s Historic Capitol on Monday to show their appreciation for the passage of House Bill 2, the much-maligned legislation which overturned Charlotte’s bathroom bill, an ordinance which would have deprived women and children the right of privacy in restrooms and locker rooms and forced business owners to embrace practices inconsistent with their deeply held beliefs. Read the rest of this entry »

AFA of Pennsylvania Radio Broadcast Interviews CAL Executive Director about HB 2

Christian Action League
April 15, 2016

AFAPENNSYLVANIA – Dr. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League, was interviewed by American Family Focus on Pennsylvania Issues, Thursday. The radio broadcast is a division of The American Family Association of Pennsylvania.

AFA of Pennsylvania declares that its purpose is (1) to make a difference in their community by standing up for Judeo-Christian values, (2) to encourage the faith community to break the silence on controversial issues and be a voice for pro-family issues, (3) to provide leadership in defending the biblical ethic of decency, (4) to educate the public on the negative effects of pornography and violence in the media, (5) to encourage, promote and defend families, (6) to protect children from those who seek to commercialize or propagandize them.

Diane Gramley, the President of AFA of Pennsylvania, conducted the interview. She has served as the organizations’ state director since May of 2003. In December of 2015, Abiding Trust Ministries of Springfield, Massachusetts, named Diane as one one of the Top Ten Pro-Family Heroes of 2015 for her “steady, persistent and unflappable defense of family values.”

Unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties on the day of the recording. The audio for the introduction and outro is louder than the program. You may have to turn the volume up in order to hear the interview.

You can access the interview by clicking here.

I Want to Help Paypal Find a Suitable Place of Service

By Rep. Paul Stam
April 14, 2016

Rep. Paul Stam

Rep. Paul Stam

On March 16, PayPal announced that it would gladly receive $3.6 million from the state of North Carolina to locate a new facility near Charlotte. Then on April 5th, PayPal President & CEO, Dan Schulman announced that it would not move to North Carolina because of the passage of HB 2. Certainly, this was not because of the bathroom/locker –room situation since the bill did not even apply to private business facilities. PayPal was incensed at the so-called failure of the legislation to include extra special protections for sexual orientation, gender expression and gender indemnity. PayPal lawyers apparently did not realize that this was the same law in effect on March 16. PayPal currently maintains its operations center and main office in Nebraska and has a technology center in Arizona as well as a data service office in Texas – all states with similar discrimination policies as North Carolina.

The problem for PayPal is that 31 other states (and the federal government) also lack those categories for extra special protection. So PayPal would be limited to 20 states: Read the rest of this entry »