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In This Crazy Mixed-Up World, Let’s Show Our President that We Support Him

By Russell Capps
Christian Action League
March 2, 2017

For those of us who have lived 40 years or more, it’s unbelievable how different our world is nowadays. Things that used to be considered shameful and little talked about, such as homosexuality, abortion, obscenity, and lack of decency, etc., are so rampant in today’s society.  We find it unthinkable that such changes have come about.

In the last election, millions who made up the majority elected new leaders that stand for the principles our nation was founded upon. But the losers are not accepting it and using every kind of weird “protest” and any other evil means to destroy the newly elected leaders. Even the process through which we, as a republic, have always used to choose our leaders is now threatened.

For example, at many of the protests, the protesters are paid, and they are without civility, increasingly disruptive, and dangerous.

But it is even worse than this. The self-proclaimed Wiccan, Lana Del Ray, is instituting midnight rituals by covens of witches with the purpose of “casting a spell” on President Trump AND his supporters in hopes of banishing him from office. The ritual planners have marked dates the next several months for multiple covens to “cast their spell” to bind President Trump and all those who abet him (that’s us) by performing chants and holding Satanic ceremonies.

Make no mistake about it, demons exist. They are servants of Satan.  Their mission is destruction and war against all things good and decent. To pass such ideas and events off as nothing to be concerned about would be a grave error. In their “chant” they call upon Satan “to bind Donald Trump so that he and his supporters may fall utterly”.

The Bible teaches that Satan is alive and well and his purpose is to destroy. Demon possession existed in Jesus’ time and there is much evidence of it today. It’s manifest in the rituals these witches perform, and even in individuals.

Many Christians have experienced and seen evidence of the works of evil on individuals in our society. Satan has great power and he does everything he can to interfere and stop good works.

It appeared that he moved to prevent this article from being prepared. For a time, the computer locked up for no other apparent reason. No attempt to move the cursor, or cancel words, or print anything correctly was possible for quite some time.

It is hopefully apparent to all of us that much prayer, not the witch ritual type, but fervent supplication to our Creator is severely needed at this point in our society.  And it is apparent that we must show our support for our President and all in authority.

In this regard, I am excited about a movement, a great idea that is planned for March 15th. I didn’t come up with it, but someone else did. Every supporter of our President is being encouraged to mail on the 15th of this month, a postcard, or letter, which publically expresses their support for him. If in vast numbers and from all corners of the nation, we were to inundate the White House with messages that speak of his successes and show his popularity, it would show the media, as well as his many other detractors, that WE SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT.

If we all participate in this mailing, March 15, we can bury the White House post office in postcards and letters encouraging the President with our fervent support.

I am preparing my card/letter NOW to have it ready to mail on March 15. I urge you to do the same. Be sure to post your mail on March 15 to:

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC  20500.

You can impact the news on that day and do something positive for our nation.


Russell Capps is a former legislator from Wake County who served in the North Carolina House from 1994 to 2006. He is also a long-standing and highly respected member of the Christian Action League Board of Directors.