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Rev. Mark Creech

Meet the Christian Action League’s Executive Director…

Rev. Mark Creech

Rev. Mark H. Creech currently serves as the Executive Director of the Christian Action League. He has held this position since November of 1999. Before taking this position, Rev. Creech served as a pastor for twenty years, ministering to six Churches: Davis Grove Baptist, Snow Hill, NC 1980-1982; First Baptist, LaGrange, NC 1982-1987; Harmony Baptist, Bunnlevel, NC, 1987-1989; Faith Bible Church, Little Genesee, NY 1989-1990; Antioch Baptist, Middlesex, NC 1990-1997 and Parish Memorial Baptist, Selma, NC 1997-1999.

Serving as a registered lobbyist in the North Carolina General Assembly, Rev. Creech meets regularly with State lawmakers to stop legislation ranging from attempts to promote a homosexual agenda to the advancement of more legalized gambling in the Tar Heel state. His efforts have also been responsible for getting some very important pro-family pieces of legislation through the General Assembly.

Although he wasn’t ordained until age 22, Rev. Creech has been preaching since age 15.  His speaking engagements on behalf of the Christian Action League have him regularly criss-crossing the State, preaching relevant, dynamic, evangelistic and issue oriented sermons. William L. Tomlinson, Pastor of Arlington Baptist Church in Rocky Mount when Creech spoke there, said of him: “When Mark Creech spoke at our church it was like a one day revival.” North Carolina Representative Mitch Gillespie heard Rev. Creech speak at his home church and said: “I have been moved by his Holy Spirit inspired sermons. His ability to present the gospel of Jesus Christ and relate it to today’s times is a gift that is no question.” Chuck Kneely, a former State legislator, and former President of Citizens United Against the Lottery commented: “Mark Creech is a dynamic speaker with a wonderful mastery of the English language and a powerful message grounded in his profound Christian faith. His speeches are intellectually honest, carefully thought out and moving. Mark has the knack of blending humor, story telling and scripture into messages that motivate his audiences to act.”

[If you would like to have Rev. Creech as a speaker at your church or event, call the office of the Christian Action League of North Carolina at 919.787.0606.  Whether it’s for a worship service, revival meeting, church or civic group, rally, etc. you won’t be disappointed. (No honorarium required.)  You can also email your request for a speaking engagement to A promotional DVD regarding Rev. Creech and his ministry with the Christian Action League are available upon request.]

The Executive Director of the Christian Action League has also written a nationally syndicated column for the American Family Association’s One News Now (  Various Christian periodicals and websites across the nation pick up the column and publish it.

Since Rev. Creech took the reigns of the Christian Action League, it’s visibility and impact in North Carolina and the nation have never been greater – enough to garner the attention of some great Christian leaders.

The late Dr. D. James Kennedy, Founder and President of Coral Ridge Ministries (, noted: “I applaud Rev. Mark Creech for his courageous and influential work for America as the leader of North Carolina’s Christian Action League. Mark has refused to sit silently as America’s moral foundations are steadily chipped away. By consistently taking his leadership and involvement one step further. Mark is making a powerful difference for Christ in America.”

Don Wildemon, Founder and President of the American Family Association ( has written:  “From humble beginnings God has raised up Rev. Mark Creech as a voice in the wilderness that is now beginning to touch lives nationwide…There is no question North Carolina is a safer and more wholesome place to live because of the work of the Christian Action League. Under the leadership of Mark Creech, this organization is having a profound effect for family values.”

Dr. Richard Land, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention ( has said: “Christian involvement in the moral life of our nation is a crucial imperative, not an option. While many fine ministries recognize this necessity, I believe the Christian Action League is one of the most effective local organizations in the country in bringing Judeo-Christian values to bear on our nation’s life. I am impressed continually by the breadth of involvement of this fine organization and by the astute and godly manner in which Mark Creech directs it. Without reservation, I can say that the call of Jesus to his disciples to be salt and light in their society is admirably fulfilled by Mark and this superb ministry.”

Rev. Creech has also been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards. In 1999, he received the national distinction of the Salt and Light Award for Outstanding Pastor, presented by Dr. D. James Kennedy and Reclaiming America for Christ (   In 2002, the Chapel of Four Chaplains (, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, bestowed him with the Legion of Honor Award.  And in 2005, he was given the Heritage Award, presented by Congressman Walter B. Jones at the behest of Harvest Baptist Church, Goldsboro, NC, for the earnest contention of the faith in the political process.

Rev. Creech is married to the former Kim Doumar of Norfolk, Virginia. Their more than 29 years of marriage has produced two grown children, Matthew and Meredith. Their two grandsons, Camden Crocker and Wyatt Wright-Creech are the latest additions to the family.