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One News Now

North Carolina Pastor Languishes in a Turkish Prison for His Faith, Sen. Thom Tillis Visits

By Hunter Hines
Christian Action League
March 29, 2018

A pastor from Black Mountain, North Carolina, who has been imprisoned in Turkey for almost a year and a half, has been indicted with a charge that could result in a life sentence.

Andrew Brunson, a Presbyterian pastor, served the people of Turkey for more than 20 years as a missionary in the city of Izmir. According to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), Brunson was detained on October 7, 2016, and accused by Turkish officials of having ties to an American-based cleric, Fetullah Gulen, who allegedly made a coup attempt against the Turkish government in July of 2016.

The USCIRF says it “strongly condemns” the indictment against Brunson. Read the rest of this entry »

Former NC Legislator Receives ‘US Army Meritorious Award’ and Graciously Shares Limelight with Rev. Creech

By L.A. Williams
Christian Action League
March 29, 2018

From L-R: Major General Gregory A. Lusk, Rev. Mark Creech, Connie Wilson Frazier

When Connie Wilson Frazier, a former Mecklenburg County representative to the North Carolina House, was driving home from Atlanta in 2005 and noticed an “In God We Trust” license plate in South Carolina, little did she know that bringing the idea back to her home state would one day lead to her receiving the U.S. Army Meritorious Public Service Medal.

But that’s what happened on Tuesday at the North Carolina National Guard Joint Force Headquarters in Raleigh. Frazier was honored for her support of National Guard families via sales of the Tar Heel state’s own “In God We Trust” plate, sales which bring some $86,000 into the Guard’s Soldiers and Airmen Assistance Fund (SAAF) each year. Read the rest of this entry »

Seven Ways the Cross Speaks

By Rev. Mark Creech
Christian Action League
March 29, 2018

It is said that when hymn pollsters report which hymn is most frequently requested, “The Old Rugged Cross” is hands-down the most popular. The author of that hymn, George Bennard, believed the cross wasn’t just a symbol of Christianity, but the very heart of it.

In the days to come, Christians from all over the world will be celebrating the passion of Christ. It is indeed the focus of God’s redemption. The cross speaks of so much we need to understand about God, ourselves, our need, our duty, and our hope.

While contemplating the cross recently, I jotted down seven ways the cross speaks. Read the rest of this entry

Tar Heel Lawmakers Take Comprehensive Approach to Making Public Schools Safer

Possibly the most thorough report on this meeting that you will read
By L.A. Williams
Christian Action League
March 23, 2018

Just over a month after a 19-year-old former student killed 17 people at a Parkland, Florida high school, a group of Tar Heel lawmakers spent much of Wednesday questioning experts about the state of North Carolina’s schools and brainstorming ways to reduce the risk of a similar tragedy here.

Amid talk about armed security guards, hardening perimeters, digital monitoring and a host of other ideas, it was the shortage of mental health services and, at an even more basic level, the fact that hardly anyone seems to be mentoring children anymore, that was most striking.

“The reason our schools are not safe anymore has little to do with funding, but more to do with a philosophy of education that denies transcendent truth and morality. Generally speaking, the youngsters are not getting anything for the soul at home or school,” said the Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League, after hearing the newly formed House Select Committee on School Safety grapple with what he called “a nearly impossible task.” Read the rest of this entry »

‘We Are Losing Our Freedoms’: Alex McFarland’s Apologetics Conference to Focus on Saving America

By Michael Gryboski
Christian Post
March 23, 2018

JAMESTOWN, NC – Notable apologist and author Alex McFarland’s latest Truth for a New Generation conference, which takes place in Jamestown, North Carolina, March 23-24, will have a focus on saving the United States and its constitutional rights.

“We are losing our freedoms, we’re actually suffering as a nation because of our abandonment of morality or what we might call natural law,” McFarland told The Christian Post.

“I believe that our abandonment of morality in terms of abortion, the redefinition of marriage, the blurring of gender and sexual truth, it really threatens our Constitution.” 

Begun by McFarland back in the 1990s, Truth for a New Generation will kick off its next conference at Life Community Church in Jamestown, North Carolina, on Friday. Read the rest of this entry

For details about attending the conference, go here

Abortion Speech Law Case Heard at Supreme Court; Pro-Life Advocates Anticipate Win

By Brandon Showalter
Christian Post
March 23, 2018

WASHINGTON D.C. — Hundreds of pro-life advocates assembled on the steps of the Supreme Court to rally in support of crisis pregnancy centers, contesting a California law which compels them to advertise and promote abortion.

The nation’s highest court heard oral arguments Tuesday in the case of National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra.

At issue is whether or not a California statute, the Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency Act (also known as the Reproductive FACT Act), which requires pro-life pregnancy centers to provide specific information to their patients, including the availability of free or low-cost abortions, is constitutional. Attorneys for NIFLA argue that the free speech rights of the people staffing these centers are being violated while the state of California maintains that such centers are dispensing false and misleading information and that the law is necessary. Read the rest of this entry

Pastor and Wife, Robbed, Beaten, Killed, Home Burned – Churches Under Attack Across N.C.

By L.A. Williams
Christian Action League
March 16, 2018

Two men were charged Wednesday in connection with a fire that injured a Warren County pastor and killed his wife. Authorities say Kevin Munn and Lester Kearney robbed John and Nancy Alford before setting fire to their Lake Gaston home on March 9.

The horrific murder was the latest in a number of recent attacks targeting church leaders or church property.

“There is an ever increasing disrespect prevalent concerning all things sacred these days. It was most uncommon to hear of things like this happening a few decades ago, and the reason was people had a fear of God and respect for religion, more specifically the Christian religion,” said the Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League. “However, we’re now living in a time when secularism has significantly advanced, and so has the number of people who are non-religious. Whenever or wherever there is a God-vacuum something evil will fill it.”

“Evil” is exactly how members of Sanford Memorial Baptist described last Friday’s actions against their pastor and his wife, who taught Sunday School at the church just across the Virginia line in Brodnax. Read the rest of this entry »

North Carolina Students Protest for Gun Control, While Others Reject that as a Solution and Call for a Spiritual Response

By Hunter Hines
Christian Action League
March 16, 2018

RALEIGH – Thousands of students in North Carolina walked out of their classrooms on Wednesday in honor of the 17 victims of a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, last month. The students were also protesting school gun violence as part of a national movement that urges the United States Congress, as well as state lawmakers to take action to make schools safer.

According to the Raleigh News and Observer (N&O), Whinter Collin, a senior and organizer of the protests at Apex Friendship High School said, “It’s up to governments, primarily the North Carolina government, to change something so this will never happen again.” Read the rest of this entry »

Use of CBD Oil in North Carolina Presenting Serious Health Risks, Say State Health Officials

By M.H. Cavanaugh
Christian Action League
March 15, 2018

RALEIGH – Last Week the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) issued a warning concerning the use of dangerous contaminated CBD Oils.

Within the last twelve weeks, there has been a significant spike in the number of users who have ended up in emergency rooms suffering from serious symptoms such as hallucinations, seizures, altered mental state, rapid heartbeat, and loss of consciousness.

State Health Director, Betsey Tilson, reported that the number had doubled from anything DHHS had seen in the past, with more than 30 cases being investigated by DHHS and the Carolina Poison Center. That number doesn’t include the uptick which has also been seen at military bases like Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune. Read the rest of this entry »

The Differences Between Marxism, Leninism and Chuck- and-Nancy-Ism Are? Wait Is This a Trick Question

By Don Feder
March 15, 2018

“If you think they’re from the official Democratic response to the State of the Union, you’re not far off the mark. They were part of a Jan. 30 speech by John Bachtell, the national chair of the Communist Party USA, as reported in People’s World.”

Here are a few quotes from a response to Donald Trump’s first State of the Union Address:

  • “Trump offered no constructive solutions to addressing social and economic inequality, health care and education needs… and the planetary emergency posed by climate change and the growing nuclear war danger.”
  • “Instead of embracing values most of us hold dear… caring for one another, family, community, fairness, tolerance, peace and protection of the environment” Trump and the Republican Congress are “working overtime to take us back 100 years.” Read the rest of this entry