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UrgentAlertYour Attention Please!!!!!
Gambling Measure Would Bring Casino Gambling to Your Own Community

Please Contact Your Representative in the North Carolina House

Christian Action League
June 10, 2013

Dear Friends of the Christian Action League,

HB 809-Game Nights/Non-profit Fundraisers is legislation that would legalize Las Vegas style Casino gambling across the Tar Heel state. It would allow non-profit groups to use roulette tables, black jack, poker, craps, etc., for fundraising activities. The legislation is being driving by powerful business interests. If this measure is approved, it is likely that Casino gambling will be taking place in a city near you, perhaps your own town.

HB 809 was calendared to be heard Wednesday of last week by the House Judiciary C Committee. But because of “controversy,” it was pulled from the schedule and reassigned to be heard before the full Judiciary Committee – a means of increasing the pool of votes necessary to garner passage. If the measure passes the Judiciary Committee it would likely move quickly to the House floor for consideration. I implore you to contact your Representative in the N.C. House and express your objection to the passage of this bill.

Certain lawmakers would have you to believe this legislation is rather innocuous because of its limitation to non-profits. But the bill would not only allow non-profits to use Casino style gambling for fundraisers, it also sets the stage for legalized permanent full-fledged Casinos and other forms of gambling. Here are a couple of reasons why:

1)   Non-profit organizations are not likely to purchase gaming equipment just for a fundraiser. Instead, new and expanded for-profit gambling interests will seek to provide the gaming tables and other related equipment, as well as dealers to operate the games. An excellent example of such a company is Casino Party Aces, which you can view by clicking here. Are we to believe that once these for-profit gambling companies have a foothold in North Carolina law that they are going to settle for business just with non-profits? Certainly not! They’ll push lawmakers for more.

2)   As late as 2005, there have been attempts to legalize poker in North Carolina. Such legal wrangling to legalize poker has thus far failed in state courts. But if this bill succeeds, legalizing gambling (Casino gaming, roulette wheels, poker, craps, etc.) for one group provides a strong legal argument that it isn’t proper to allow such gambling for one entity and not others.

The risks involved outweigh any supposed gains. Because non-profits will need to pay the expenses of working with the for-profit companies for their gaming nights, advertising, food and beverages from the caterers used, space provided by the hotel or restaurants that serve as host, etc., it is more likely that only a small amount of money will be garnered for the non-profits. But that’s exactly why big business interests want this legislation to pass. It’s big money for big business – all under the guise of doing something charitable. That’s not only misleading, but the presence of gaming activities will undoubtedly increase and exacerbate gambling-related problems among our state’s residents. That’s a risk we don’t need for the sake of a little money for non-profits and big gains for big business.

Its critical to point out that gambling is progressive in nature. We cannot afford to allow gambling to spread any further in our state. This measure sets the stage for permanent legalized Casinos and other forms of legalized gaming across North Carolina, which is currently limited to the Cherokee reservation. This bill needs to be stopped now!

Please take a moment to contact your Representative in the North Carolina House and express your objections to the passage of this bill.

Your response does make a difference!

Here is how you can know who represents you in the NC House and their contact information. Please make the time to take the following quick and easy steps.

  • Go to the NC General Assembly’s web site at
  • At the top of the web site on the right, click on “Who Represents Me?”
  • Enter your address in the text box at the top of the North Carolina House of Representatives District Map
  • Hit “Enter”. This will zoom the map to the location of your address within the district that you live.
  • Click on the number of your district in the map and your Representative’s web page will appear with his/her contact information.

Send an email (sample email pasted at the bottom of this alert) expressing your objections to this bill. Afterward, it’s always good to follow-up with a phone call, asking if your legislator got your email message.

Again, your response does make a difference.

Dr. Mark Creech
Executive Director
Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.

To view related story: “Casino Nights for Non-Profits: Bad Bet for the Tar Heel State”

Below is also a sample email:


It has come to my attention that HB 809-Game Nights/Non-profit Fundraisers may be heard before the whole House Judiciary Committee in the near future.

I hope that you will not make the mistake of thinking that this bill is innocuous or less dangerous because it is limited to non-profits. I believe it sets a dangerous precedent that will inevitably lead to casino gambling across our great state. I don’t believe this is the vision that most North Carolinians have for our state.

Gambling in any form is predicated upon the losses and pain of others. It typically preys on the most vulnerable among us. The principle of gambling undermines our commitment to hard work and diligence. It capitalizes on the basest of human nature – our greed and a spirit of covetousness. Moreover, adding alcohol to the mix, as this legislation does, only greases the wheels for an exacerbation of these negative behaviors.

The bill runs against the grain of our hope for a truly better North Carolina.

I urge you to vote NO on any possible consideration of HB 809-Game Nights/Nonprofit Fundraisers.

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