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The Most Sacred Right of Liberty

By Rev. Mark Creech
Executive Director
Christian Action League
May 7, 2018

Tuesday, May 8th, North Carolinians, as well as citizens from across the U.S. will have the opportunity to participate in perhaps the most sacred right of liberty – the right to vote.

Former President Calvin Coolidge once said of this solemn duty:

“All the opportunity for self-government through the rule of the people depends upon one single factor. That is the ballot box…The people of our country are sovereign. If they do not vote they abdicate that sovereignty, and they may be entirely sure that if they relinquish it other forces will seize it, and if they fail to govern themselves some other power will rise to govern them. The choice is always before them, whether they will be slaves or whether they will be free. The only way to be free is to exercise actively and energetically the privileges and discharge faithfully the duties which make freedom. It is not to be secured by passive resistance. It is the result of energy and action…

“Persons who have the right to vote are trustees for the benefit of their country and their countrymen. They have no right to say they do not care. They must care! They have no right to say that whatever the result of the election they can get along. They must remember that their country and their countrymen cannot get along, cannot remain sound, cannot preserve its institutions, cannot protect its citizens, cannot maintain its place in the world, unless those who have the right to vote do sustain and guide the course of public affairs by the thoughtful exercise of that right on election day.”

If you haven’t already found your way to the polls by early voting, then please don’t neglect your solemn duty – your sacred right of liberty – go vote, Tuesday May 8th!

If you are a follower of Christ, let the Scriptures provide you with the necessary moral compass for casting your vote. Yes, bring your Christian convictions to the ballot box. Let the Spirit and the Word be your guide. Do some homework about the candidates and pray earnestly before making your choices.

Dr. Mark Creech
Executive Director
Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.


The Christian Action League is the oldest Christian Public Policy Organization in North Carolina. Rev. Mark Creech, its executive director, has been serving conservative evangelicals by representing their Christian values in the halls of power for 18 years.

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