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Responding to Criticisms of Mary Francis Forrester’s Op-Ed

By Rev. Mark H. Creech, Executive Director
Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.

Only a few weeks ago, Mary Francis Forrester, wife of State Senator Jim Forrester, wrote an op-ed piece that the ChristianAction League (CAL) posted: The Real Homosexual Agenda.

Days afterward, the Christian Action League received more hits on its web site than at anytime before. Our tracking revealed most of those hits were coming from various homosexual web sites that had placed links to the piece.

Along with the surge in hits to its web site, CAL also received a number of emails from angry readers who complained Forrester’s assertions were fraught with inaccuracies.

Because, unfortunately, there were some inaccuracies in the writing, it becomes only proper those errors be addressed. Perhaps just as important, however, is also the need to respond to the obvious indignation expressed by the homosexual community against the op-ed.

There were essentially three complaints leveled against Forrester’s arguments.

The first has to do with a 1987 quote by gay revolutionist Michael Swift, whom Forrester inaccurately dated as 1986 and also mistakenly attributed to Mark Swift. Still the date and name errors didn’t seem to be the impetus of the anger behind the criticisms. The greatest distress seemed to surround concerns that the quote was lifted out of context, which was supposedly an “outre’” – an expression of very high satire.

The text of the quote actually comes from the Congressional Record and was first printed in the Gay Community News. It does state: “The essay is outré, madness, a tragic, cruel fantasy, an eruption of inner rage, on how the oppressed dream of being the oppressor.”

There’s no question Forrester’s article would have been better had it mentioned this fact. Nonetheless, just because Swift made his remarks as an outre’ doesn’t mean Forrester shouldn’t have used the quote to sound the alarm. The remarks are frightening and should give every person pause as to the real motives of homosexual activism.

This is especially true when one considers Swift’s comments have been realized to a great degree in a little more than two decades. In a telling and most compelling article titled, Homosexual Agenda: Homosexual Activist Predicted Takeover of Nation, Randy Sharpe of the American Family Association, details the fulfillment of Swift’s predictions [1]

We shall sodomize your sons…” Sharpe notes that although heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals by 20 to 1, homosexual pedophiles commit about one third of the total number of child sex offenses. “We shall seduce them in your schools…” Hundreds of Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs, which are sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN), now exist in the public schools and emphasize their agenda through the “Day of Silence” activities. “All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked.” In June of 2003, the United States Supreme Court ruled sodomy laws were unconstitutional. “Instead legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men…” Numerous states have passed laws protecting the homosexual lifestyle and other places offer domestic partner benefits. “Our writers and artists will make love between men fashionable…” The media and arts, without question, have taken up the cause of making homosexuality fashionable. “We shall raise private armies…to defeat you.” Gay pride events draw their minions together to build their gay army. “The family unit will be abolished.” Video documentaries such as That’s a Family are used to redefine family – even abolish it as its currently known. “All churches who condemn us will be closed.” Homosexual activism has infiltrated the church, threatening Christian denominations with serious divisions – seeking to abolish the Christian witness against homosexuality as a sin. “Tremble hetero swine, when we appear before you without our masks.” Gay and lesbian activists rabidly attack those opposed to their lifestyle or agenda – even intimidating their opposition to silence. [2]

Indeed Forrester may have been mistaken on some of the details regarding Swift’s statements. But explaining his remarks were meant to be satirical should in no way bring consolation. Much truth is often said in jest. People shouldn’t simply be judged by what they say but by what they do. And it’s obvious the homosexual community is determined to make good on Swift’s predictions.

Second, Forrester erroneously stated that the average lifespan of a homosexual is 39. Matt Comer, editor of Interstate Q, accused Forrester of being “intellectually dishonest” because the statistic she cited actually comes from a study by researcher Paul Cameron, stating the lifespan of homosexual males with AIDS is 39. (See article: Wife of NC State Senator Pens Hate-Filled Op-Ed) To judge Forrester, however, as “intellectually dishonest” is too much. She indeed is mistaken, but this writer knows her to be an individual of considerable integrity.

Real intellectual honesty on this subject necessitates something other than just pointing out an incorrect statement of stats. It requires an objective look at the health risks involved in homosexual activity. Anyone with an open mind can see it most certainly does reduce life expectancy for many homosexuals.

Cameron’s most recent study, which was reported at the annual convention of the Eastern Psychological Association on March 23, concluded that legally married gays in Norway and Denmark “lived 24 fewer years than their conventionally married counterparts.” [3] Admittedly, Cameron’s methodology for lifespan studies of homosexuals is the subject of much controversy. Nevertheless, many accept his findings to be true.

But even if one rejects the studies performed by Cameron, there is enough credible research to clarify that homosexual behavior is an extremely life-risking practice. The Institute of Medicine has stated: “Men who have sex with men are at greater risk for many life-threatening STDs, including HIV infection, hepatitis B virus infection, and anal cancer compared to heterosexual men. Other STDs of concern among men who have sex with men include syphilis, urethritis, and a range of oral and gastrointestinal infections.” [4]

“AIDS, of course, is one of those diseases that afflicts the homosexual community. Homosexual writer Michelangelo Signorile has pointed to the obvious ‘epidemiological reality’ for homosexuals living under the shadow of HIV: ‘[t]hat a culture of unbridled, multipartner anal sex directly contributes to the ongoing [AIDS] epidemic, which, far from abating, is threatening more – and younger – gay men.’” [5] So much is this the case that recently “[t]he Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center has abandoned a long-held homosexual activist contention by declaring on billboards posted throughout Southern California that HIV/AIDS is a ‘gay disease.’” [6]

Lastly, Forrester stated: “Read your social history and you will find that most societies that condoned homosexual behavior did not survive past one generation.” Though the Christian right has often bandied about such statements, it really is an impossible position to defend.

However, there is evidence societies, whether ancient or modern, do not survive unbridled forms of sexuality. The founder of sociology at Harvard University, Pitirim Sorokin, was well known for his tracing the rise and fall of civilizations and his conclusions that the weakening of marriage [marriage in the traditional sense] was the first sign of civilizational collapse. [7] In their famous writings concerning Western civilization, Will and Ariel Durant contended “sex is ‘a river of fire that must be banked and cooled by a hundred restraints.’” [8]

Moreover, there is no better illustration of this principle than the biblical story of the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah, which though not judged alone for their impurity, were nonetheless destroyed by God because of it. [9] No one knows how long these two civilizations practiced homosexuality. After condoning the practice, they may have been destroyed in less than a generation. The important point, however, is that God angrily rejected their perversions and showered them with fire and brimstone.

Granted, Mary Francis Forrester’s op-ed piece did suffer inaccuracies. It’s unfortunate the Christian Action League didn’t catch these before they were posted. Because accuracy is important, it should suffice that her mistakes are adequately addressed here. But for homosexuals to demonize her for mistakes nonessential to her arguments in general is highly censorious. Forrester’s reasoning was fundamentally sound: What homosexuals desire for society is alarmingly perverse – homosexual behavior can and often does result in a shortening of one’s lifespan – and societies that embrace the practice give evidence of weakening and inevitably crumble.

Furthermore, the criticisms of Forrester’s errors are incidentals in comparison with the outrageously ludicrous argument that homosexual behavior is normal and should be affirmed. To fault Forrester for her inaccuracies, while making an argument in favor of homosexuality, is like trying to remove the speck from someone’s eye and having a beam in one’s own. [10] It’s straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. [11]


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