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Please Read and View this Emotional Video

By Dr. Mark Creech
Executive Director
Christian Action League
February 10, 2015

Alchohol VideoDear Friend of the Christian Action League,

There is no legalized commodity anywhere in the world that more negatively affects the life, liberty and property of the people than alcohol.

Nearly 88,000 people die every year from some alcohol-related reason, making it the third leading cause of preventable death in the nation. [1] Approximately 17 million adults ages 18 and older suffer from some form of an alcohol use disorder. [2] And alcohol abuse issues cost Americans approximately $223.5 billion annually. [3]

This is only an overview of the problem – just statistics. Would the heartache caused by the mayhem could be seen clearly in every situation. One way to get a glimpse of the matter, however, is to watch this Youtube video.

The video features, Rick Ellis, a father who lost his six year old daughter when her mother was driving intoxicated with the child in the car. In tears, Ellis pleads with people to consider the consequences of their irresponsible use of alcohol – their partying on Friday and Saturday nights – their drinking to deal with life’s troubles – the end result is often catastrophic. Listen to the pain in Ellis’ voice and you can catch a glimpse of alcohol’s trail of misery.

Click on here to access the video (3:11)

Alcohol policy is a signature issue for the Christian Action League. Although the League encourages abstinence from alcoholic beverages, when it comes to alcohol policy we have to take a different approach. We want lawmakers and other government officials to recognize the significant threat to the public’s health alcohol presents. Our efforts are not prohibitionist in nature, but directed toward providing our state with the most effective policies that provide “control” and “regulation.” We can’t stop people from drinking, neither is it a question of whether to drink or not to drink when it comes to public-policy, but we must work zealously to see that North Carolinians are protected as much as possible from alcohol’s negative outcomes. This is part of Christ’s commission to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. For we are our brother’s keeper. This is what the League does.

Our expertise in this area is greatly needed. Moreover, I think it’s largely appreciated by the members of the North Carolina General Assembly.

There are other fine groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, but their focus is drunk driving and not necessarily the way alcohol marketing, alcohol outlet density, hours of sale, alcohol advertising, the ABC system, the three-tier system, etc. play a large role in the overall results of the way alcohol use impacts people’s lives. We address all of these matters and more.

This legislative session, the League is expecting many challenges to undo much of the good in our state’s alcohol policy. See story: Challenging Session in the NCGA Possible on Alcohol Measures.  The League will be present to do everything possible to see that this doesn’t happen, but we will need your help.

I want to personally ask you to do four things:

  1. Go to the following link and sign-up now to start getting our weekly e-newsletter, “The CAL Insider.” You will need to do this if you want to get on our active email list and receive regular updates about what’s happening. “The CAL Insider” will not only keep you apprised of the alcohol issues that we are addressing, but other matters pertaining to marriage and the family, sanctity of human life, religious liberty, etc. We seek to influence legislation and public-policy state-wide from a strong Christian worldview. “The CAL Insider” not only seeks to keep you informed, but on occasion seeks to engage you in bringing your influence to bear on your lawmakers.

Go to this link now and sign-up for “The CAL Insider”:

  1. Please prayerfully consider sending us your best contribution at this time. Our financial needs are great. Because of the way the down-turn in the economy has adversely affected giving in general to churches and other missions organizations like our own, we are under much strain. Would you please send us a gift of $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, $500.00 or more? Would you consider taking up an offering for us in your church or Sunday School class? Maybe your Men’s group or the Women’s Missions organization in your church could help us? What about your Bible study group, would they want to partner with us?  We truly need your financial assistance! Would you earnestly pray about this request?

You can make a secure gift online via our web site. Simply go to and look in the right margin of the homepage for “Donate.” Click on “Donate” and follow the prompts. It’s really quite easy and it will only take about 5 minutes.

Or, you can send your gift by mail to:

Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.
Suite 1000
809 Spring Forest Road
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609.

  1. Please covenant with us to pray for the Christian Action League. The power is in prayer, not simply in our plans, programs and resources. The power to make a difference for Christ’s sake is in Him. We connect with Him through prayer. Please bring us before the throne of God’s grace regularly.

If you would commit to this, why don’t you send us an email at and let us know.

  1. Invite me to speak at your church. I want to put a face on this ministry with the people of your church. They need to know about the way our ministry is strategic to the moral climate of North Carolina. I can tell your folks about our work and then preach a dynamic sermon concerning the biblical mandate for Christians to be involved in the political process today. I welcome invitations from big and small churches and from anywhere in the state.

To set up a speaking engagement, call the office of the League at 919.787.0606 and ask to speak to my Administrative Assistant, John de Rosset. John can make all the arrangements and the terms for a speaking engagement are quite easy.

Again, let me reiterate that it looks like it may be a challenging year in the North Carolina General Assembly when it comes to alcohol measures. The issue of alcohol may not be as urgent as some others, but it is never an unimportant one. It’s a very serious concern on many levels. Please stand with us.

Thank you for all your support.

Dr. Mark H. Creech
Executive Director
Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.
809 Spring Forest Road, Suite 1000
Raleigh, NC 27609-9147
919-787-0606 Office



[1] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Alcohol use and health. Available at:

[2] SAMHSA. 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). Table 5.8A—Substance Dependence or Abuse in the Past Year among Persons Aged 18 or Older, by Demographic Characteristics: Numbers in Thousands, 2011 and 2012. Available at:

[3] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Excessive drinking costs U.S. $223.5 Billion. Available at: