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One News Now

Numerous Dates Open for Speaking Engagements

Executive Director of the Christian Action League wants to fill his calendar with speaking engagements for the remainder of 2016
Christian Action League
July 19, 2016


Dr. Creech’s calendar usually stays full for speaking engagements, but currently that isn’t the case. Yet the issues facing our Representative Republic are critical. Dr. Creech has numerous Sundays open, one remaining in July, the 31st, and many others in August, September, October, November, and December.

Pastor, are you looking for a speaker to fill in for you while you take some time off this summer?

Lay-leader, is your church without a pastor at this time and in need of someone to fill the pulpit?

Are you concerned about the current political climate and the way Christians should respond?

As we approach the general election in November, the coming weeks are an excellent time to speak from the Scriptures about our Christian citizenship responsibilities in a non-partisan way.

I welcome every opportunity to share with churches large or small.

Here are statements from the pastors of my last three speaking engagements:

“Dr. Mark Creech was a tremendous blessing to our people. He is gifted by God with the ability to help the people see clearly from Scripture God’s call to Christian citizenship and the need for us to impact our culture.

“God has truly blessed Dr. Creech with wisdom that enables him to understand the culture’s moral issues and a pastor’s heart that helps the people see how they can take a stand.

“Several people came to me after Dr. Creech spoke and told me that his message was one of the greatest they had heard in a long time and one that everyone needs to hear. His love for the church and his willingness to help us positively impact our community were a true blessing. He is truly one of the most grace-filled people that I have ever had the privilege of working with.”

Dr. R. Howard McNeill, Pastor
Maple Springs Baptist Church
Seagrove, N.C.

“Dr. Mark Creech was the guest speaker for our morning worship service and brought a powerful Bible message that was timely and challenging concerning our spiritual heritage and Christian duty. Dr. Creech delivered a message that both informed and inspired our congregation, reminding us of the liberating power of the Gospel message we must receive and the freedoms we must defend.”

Mark Meadows, Pastor
Antioch Baptist Church
Lumberton, N.C.

“Dr. Mark Creech is a man whom I have a great respect and trust for because of his leadership and presence in N.C. politics. I have had him come to speak to our church and our people were amazed at his knowledge of the Bible and how it relates to our government. I would encourage all pastors to invite Dr. Creech to share God’s message with the people of their church.”

Dr. Darrin Moore, Pastor
New Hope Baptist Church
Whiteville, N.C.

Arranging for a speaking engagement is easy and the terms are very reasonable for any church.

Call my Administrative Assistant, John deRosset, at the office of the Christian Action League – 919.787.0606.

If you don’t get to speak with him right away, leave a voice mail, he will call you back promptly.

Or you can contact him at, John will consult with me about any details and set everything up.

God bless, I hope to hear soon that I’m coming to your church.

Dr. Mark Creech
Executive Director
Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.