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N.C. Methodist Minister: ‘I Help Women Get Abortions at Planned Parenthood Because I’m a Christian’

By Micaiah Bilger
December 30, 2015 

AbortionExecutive Director’s Note: The story by the title above is linked to It is demonstrative of the way much of the clergy and laity today advocate and work on the side of evil, while also claiming they are Christians. In my experience as a lobbyist in the North Carolina General Assembly, whether I was arguing against the spread of gambling, dangerous alcohol policies, same-sex marriage, or even the cause of life, there was typically someone from the wrong side of the issue which claimed that they were a Christian too.

Jesus warned, “By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?” (Matt. 7:16). Does the Judge of all the Earth, who claims He hates the shedding of innocent blood also condone it?

A culture that encourages every kind of promiscuous relationship for sheer pleasure, but then covers the consequences via abortions in the millions, is nothing less than bestial. And worse still is the minister of God that would aid and assist it – no matter how sweet the smile – no matter how seemingly gracious the demeanor – no matter how supposedly compassionate – no matter how earnest their sincerity.

– Dr. Mark Creech


Emma Akpan is a faith leader at her North Carolina African Methodist Episcopal Church. She also volunteers for Planned Parenthood. Akpan wrote a column for Bustle this week trying to justify her abortion advocacy with her Christian faith by claiming that she wants to end violence against women. Akpan described herself as a minister at her church. “I am a clinic greeter because of my faith, which teaches me how important it is to provide care for my community,” the Raleigh, North Carolina, woman wrote. “For me, that means ensuring that women have safe access to their health care facilities.” Read the rest of this entry