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N.C. Lieutenant Governor, Dan Forest, Holding an Annual Men’s Retreat, ‘The Black Mountain Weekend’

Forest is inviting men to register for the event now – check out information below
Hunter Hines
Christian Action League
July 28, 2015

Black Mountain WeekendRALEIGH – North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor, Dan Forest, is a devout Christian and is deeply concerned about the cultural decline of our nation, our state, and our communities. To combat this decline, he holds an annual weekend retreat, the Black Mountain Weekend, which is an invitation-only men’s retreat held at the Ridgecrest Conference Center just outside of scenic Black Mountain, North Carolina.

This weekend for men is a great time for Christian men to join together for faith, fellowship, and fun.  It features special speakers who share their real-world experiences and lead the group in discussions on many of the critical issues of our day. The context is laid back and casual. Participants are encouraged to wear jeans, etc. The objective is to be comfortable for the excellent seminars and networking that takes place among attendees.

The Lieutenant Governor says that last year, men from 66 out of 100 North Carolina counties attended the retreat. This year the goal is to have men from all 100 counties in the Tar Heel state.

Speakers have yet to be announced, but Forest promises that the line-up will be more than worth the effort to attend. He says, “Be prepared to leave Black Mountain Weekend 2015 spiritually fed and ready to meet the cultural challenges that face our state and nation today. On each day attendees will build relationships and the speakers they hear from will be nationally-recognized.”

The date for the weekend is scheduled for September 11-13. It will begin on Friday evening with dinner, to be followed by a full day on Saturday and will end after breakfast on Sunday morning.

Pricing for the Black Mountain Weekend is $250.00 per person, which includes all speaker sessions, lodging, materials, and meals. Lodging will be double occupancy, so attendees are encouraged to recruit a roommate. If a roommate is not listed on the invitation request, one will be assigned.

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest

“Of all the many things that our state and nation need today is godly men who have a proper Christian worldview – men who are in partnership with God and with other men in leading us out of the moral morass of this age,” said Dr. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League. “We need men of every stripe – the every-day laborer – the professional man – the executive – the government official – the military man – brethren who are not intimidated by the challenges of the present, but emboldened by the certainty that God is with them. Moreover, such men also need to know that they don’t stand alone. There are other men standing in league with them who want to be better men themselves, as well as leave the world around them a better place. That’s why the Black Mountain Weekend is so important.”

To reserve a spot for the Black Mountain Weekend or just to get more information, visit

Registering sooner rather than later is much better. Planners of this event are anticipating a full conference this year. Potential participants are urged to respond as quickly as possible.

To request an invitation, simply click here for your invitation.

For any questions about the Black Mountain Weekend, click here for your inquiries.