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Every Vote Against the Bullying Bill Must be Counted

Rev. Mark CreechDirector Appeals for Quick Response to Counter Pro-homosexual Influence and Power
Christian Action League

Dear Friend of the Christian Action League,

It is urgent that you contact your North Carolina House member this weekend to express your disapproval of the pro-homosexual School Violence Prevention Act – SB 526. This bill is scheduled for its final vote before becoming law on Monday, June 22 at 7:00 pm in the House.

Take Christian Action:

Here’s how you can help between now and Monday night:

  1. Email your House member right now to show your opposition. Click here to take Christian action.
  2. Ask your friends and family across NC to help defeat this bill. Click here to send them an email asking them to take Christian action.
  3. Call your House member to say that you strongly oppose SB 526 – School Violence Prevention Act. Click here to take Christian action by phoning your House member on the Bullying Bill between now and Monday.

Ask your House member to:


SB 526 (the Bullying Bill) is a dangerous bill.

It would elevate “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to legally protected classes under North Carolina law for the first time in the State’s history. This could eventually harm our marriage laws and lead to legalizing same-sex “marriage.” Nevertheless, many in the leadership of the House prefer to see it become law. They have embraced the pro-homosexual message of Equality NC and the ACLU who are putting a good deal of pressure on House members to do what it takes to pass the bill. Pro-homosexual lobbyists are even suggesting to legislators who would vote against the bill that they “take a walk,” or be absent during voting on the bill.

The Christian Action League believes a majority of House members are against the measure. But a lot of pressure from the House leadership and pro-homosexual special interest groups can change votes. It can make lawmakers who would normally vote against the bill vote for it. And such pressure can also cause some lawmakers to “take a walk” during the vote.

I can remember just a few years ago there were enough votes in the House to defeat the passage of the lottery. Nevertheless, lawmakers who had consistently spoken out against the lottery didn’t vote against it because they didn’t want to offend Speaker Jim Black who wanted it.

This is the same kind of situation. Most lawmakers in the House know SB 526 is really not about bullying, but the advancement of homosexual rights. They also know that most of their constituents would be against the legislation. Still, some of them may be tempted to either “take a walk” or vote in favor of the measure. Unfortunately, they might fear the House leadership’s wrath more than that of their own constituents.

This is critical!

The only hope of countering the influence and power of the House leadership and pro-homosexual special interest groups in this matter is to make it known to your Representative in the North Carolina House that standing up for you and your values is more important than doing what the leadership wants. Tell your Representative in the North Carolina House that it was you and your district that elected him/her and not the House leadership. Tell your Representative that you insist that he/she not “take a walk” on this bill.

When the vote is taken on this bill on Monday, the Christian Action League will send you the results of the vote. This means CAL will send you a record of who voted and how they voted. What is more, we’ll send an audio recording of the debate on the House floor.

God Bless,
Rev. Mark H. Creech
Executive Director
Christian Action League of North Carolina