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Christian: Are You Sufficiently Informed and Ready to Vote Intelligently?

By Dr. Mark Creech
Christian Action League of North Carolina
October 18, 2016

VoteWe’re only about three weeks from the General Election on November 8th. Early voting has already started.

There are so many critical issues at stake in this election.

Will the practice of abortion find new energy under its freshly elected leadership, or will the destruction of the unborn be slowed, perhaps even stopped? Will the institution of marriage, the building block of our culture, continue its descent into the abyss of political correctness, or will our nation’s leaders start steering us back to God’s plan of one man and one woman? Will religious liberty be irreparably injured, even lost, or will it be spared?

There are also many other issues to be considered: federal judges, national defense, terrorism, immigration, poverty, law and order, as well as our national policy in relation to Israel.

Prepare to Vote Intelligently

Are you prepared to vote intelligently? As Deborah Dewart has stated in her book, Death of a Christian Nation, “Christians are best prepared to take action and make a difference if they are informed.”

Decision AmericaThe Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGA) under the leadership of Dr. Billy Graham’s son, Franklin, has provided an excellent Voter Guide online showing the differences between the Democratic and Republican Party Platforms on key issues pertinent to Christians.

Some people say they don’t vote for the Party, but for the man or woman running for office. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. When candidates are elected as a nominee of their Party, they’re expected to support the Party Platform.

That’s why the Christian Action League urges you to carefully read the Voter Guide prepared by the BGA that explains the differences between Democrats and Republicans on social and moral issues.

Check out this link and learn where the Democratic and Republican Party Platforms stand on the issues

Clinton and Trump: Two Very Different Visions

Additionally, the BGA contrasts the very different visions the two Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have for our country.

Go to this link to see the two different visions Clinton and Trump have for America  

Down the Ballot is Very Important Too

NCFPCElection turn-out is mostly driven by the candidates at the top of the ballot, like the race for President. But we mustn’t forget there are critical races down the ballot too! They can be just as important. This is especially true for North Carolina during this election season.

Our friends at the NC Family Policy Council (NCFPC) have produced a nonpartisan Voter Guide that is full of information about candidates running for state and federal offices in the Tar Heel state.

The NCFPC Voter Guide includes all candidates running for:

US Senate & US House; NC Governor, Lt. Governor & Council of State; NC Supreme Court & Court of Appeals; and NC Senate and NC House.

You can also order NCFPC Voter Guides in bulk for distribution at your church and community by completing the Order Form on the NC Family website. It’s not too late and they have plenty. The Voter Guides are packaged in bundles of 100.

You’ll want to be certain to order enough to provide one guide to every family in your church, civic group, or neighborhood. You may also contact NC Family directly to place your order by phone at (919) 807-0800.

The Christian Action League highly recommends the NCFPC Voter Guide for determining who to support in statewide races.

Download the NCFPC Voter Guide Concerning Candidates Down the Ballot 

Read Dr. Creech’s editorial, “Will Social Conservatives Betray Governor McCrory and State Lawmakers During Their Time of Testing?” The article provides needed context for voting down the ballot in North Carolina.

Pastors Play an Indispensable Role

PastorsLastly, Pastors play an indispensable role in the maintenance of liberty for our country. As someone once said, “The people make the laws, but the churches make the people.”

However, more often than not, there is a craven silence from the pulpit concerning matters of great moral import today.

Pastors should understand there are no IRS laws prohibiting them from preaching on the issues, only restrictions on electioneering – something that involves a formal endorsement by the church either in support or opposition to a political candidate.

So pastors should speak up, preach the truth, and provide a moral compass – one that addresses America’s challenges from a biblical worldview – one that equips God’s people to navigate the election process faithfully.

If a pastor still feels uneasy about political engagement, he might reference the resource provided by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) that explains the IRS code and its application to churches and other non-profits. It can help pastors “Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and render unto God what belongs to God” without fear of an IRS reprisal.

Download the ADF Legal Guide for Pastors and Churches on Political Engagement

Dr. Creech to Speak Boldly

In the coming days, Dr. Mark Creech plans to speak boldly and clearly about this year’s election. Watch your email for a video correspondence.

We Need Your Financial Support

FinancesWould you consider making a generous donation to this ministry? Would you pause for just a moment and ask the Lord in prayer whether he would have you to partner with us?

Our funds are alarmingly low at the moment, but we trust that God will lead people to give. Would you be one of those people?

People say to me often, “Dr. Creech, we appreciate so much what you do.” I’m honored by such remarks each time. Perhaps if you really appreciate what the League does, which is so strategic to the moral climate of our state, maybe you could show that appreciation by making a contribution today.

To send your gift online, just click on the blue button at the bottom of this page and follow the prompts.

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If you can’t give, would you at least pray for us? Pray for God to bless this ministry richly. Pray that God would raise up the people needed to meet each financial challenge.

Thank you and God bless.