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CAL Executive Director Condemns Protest at Edwards’ Funeral

Christian Action League

The Christian Action League of North Carolina is calling for Westboro Baptist Church, a Kansas-based group with a history of staging controversial protests, to change its plans for this weekend. The group has said it will send picketers to Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral in Raleigh.

Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League said:

”Mr. Fred Phelps and his church, Westboro Baptist of Topeka, Kansas, do not speak the language of true religion. Its not that the Christian faith never rebukes or calls people to repentance, but its focus is always on redemption and not condemnation. The Bible teaches that when people are suffering we should weep with those who weep. I can think of fewer worse sins than harassing those in the state of grief. This is not Christianity, but the very kind of self-righteousness our Lord condemned. I urge everyone not to judge the religion of Christ by the error of these who actually break the Third Commandment and take God’s name in vain by attributing something to Him that he never signed off on. Mr. Phelps and his clan need to learn something of the grace of God.”

Creech added, “We hope that people who read about this will realize this protest group is not affiliated in any way with churches in North Carolina or with members of the Christian Action League. Although it calls itself Baptist, it is not affiliated with any known Baptist conventions or associations.”

The Christian Action League is urging its members across the state to be in prayer for the Edwards family during this difficult time.

“Some people are calling for the formation of a ‘line of love’ to be formed around the church to protect the family from protestors during Saturday’s funeral,” the Rev. Creech said. “And we hope many who gather at Edenton Street United Methodist will do just that — stand firm in silent prayer to make a statement of love louder than any hate-filled protest.”

To see Westboro Baptist Press Release on Edwards’ Funeral click here