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The #MeToo Movement Ignores the Most Offensive Form of Partner Violence That Exists

January 16th, 2018

By Kristen Hawkins
January 16, 2017

As American voices reach a fever pitch over sexual abuse allegations against powerful men and more women adopt the #MeToo rallying cry every day, there’s still a trend of fatal abuse that has received nary a peep of condemnation from Hollywood elite. Shrouded in silence, abusive men across the country — and the world — drug unsuspecting pregnant partners with the intention of aborting the preborn children for whom they do not want to take responsibility. With how little attention these crimes receive from the media, one may think these abusers are few and far between. They are not.

In the most recently-reported case, a woman named Brooke Fiske was drugged by Sikander Imran, her boyfriend of three years, when Imran impregnated Fiske and Fiske refused the abortion procedure Imran pressured her to undergo. “When I was drinking my tea in the evening I got to the bottom of the cup,” Fiske told a local news outlet. “There was a gritty substance in there and when I looked at it, I could tell that it was a pill that had been ground up.” Within hours, Fiske went into labor and lost the child killed by Imran, who gave Fiske four times the normal drug dosage used to induce an abortion. Read the rest of this entry

What the Issues of Racism and Abortion Have in Common

January 11th, 2018

Dr. Mark CreechBy Dr. Mark Creech

During the 1930s, the Federal Writers’ Project sponsored remarkable interviews with former slaves. The project was based on the premise that no one could better describe the institution of slavery in America than someone who had experienced it. These experiences were recorded for posterity, and today the Library of Congress contains more than 2,000 incredible slave narratives.

Recently, I came across a book edited by Belinda Hurmence titled, My Folks Don’t Want Me to Talk about Slavery.  Hurmence reviewed and compiled 21 first person collections of the more than 170 interviews by the Federal Writers’ Project that were of former slaves from my home state, North Carolina.

Here’s an excerpt from that book. The person speaking is former slave, Jacob Manson. Read the rest of this entry »

Moment of Silence Supplants Invocation at Salisbury City Council Meetings

January 11th, 2018

By L.A. Williams
Christian Action League
January 11, 2018

SALISBURY – In its quest to avoid offending someone, the Salisbury City Council has robbed its very members of a constitutional right by ditching the invocation at the beginning of its meetings in favor of a moment of silence.

“The people of Salisbury should protest this action,” said the Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League. While he said a moment of silence may be appropriate for honoring the dead, God is not among them.

“God is not dead. He lives and we desperately need Him in all of our deliberations, especially government,” Creech said.

According to the Salisbury Post, Mayor Al Heggins, Mayor Pro Tem David Post and council member Tamara Sheffield voted Jan. 2 to nix the prayers, which had recently been given by council member Brian Miller, although the privilege had, in the past, been rotated among the city’s elected officials, who were invited to choose a prayer appropriate to their faith. Read the rest of this entry »

Experts Say Alcohol Tax Cuts Will Claim Lives

January 11th, 2018

By L.A. Williams
Christian Action League
January 11, 2018

While the alcohol industry may still be celebrating its recent monumental legislative win — a $4.2 billion federal tax cut delivered in December — health and public policy experts are tallying what the move will cost the nation in medical and social costs and, profoundly worse, in human lives.

Already, excessive alcohol consumption causes 88,000 deaths a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Brookings Institution expects 1,550 more people will die this year as a result of the tax cuts, which will drive up alcohol consumption. Between 280 and 660 of those deaths will happen on the nation’s highways. Read the rest of this entry »

Finding Real Peace

January 11th, 2018

By Joe Sturz
Christian Action League
January 11, 2018

As I stood before my new house in Levittown, Puerto Rico, I thought, “Boy, what a big year this has been!”  In the past year-and-a-half I had moved seven times, married, been promoted to captain in the Air Force, obtained an M.A. in psychology, and acquired a baby son!  Now, in March, 1968, I was beginning a three-year tour near San Juan rather than the tour in Vietnam which I had expected.  I smugly thought to myself: “Joe you are a lucky guy.”

Six years before coming to Puerto Rico I had decided to leave my home in San Diego to see what the world had to offer.  The atmosphere at home had, so I thought, stifled my free spirit for twenty-two years and I sprang at the first chance to escape. I said to myself, “I am free at last to do my thing and seek my happiness in the world.” Read the rest of this entry »

Erosion of Religious Liberty in Canada and the United States

January 5th, 2018

By L.A. Williams
Christian Action League
January 5, 2018

Mention nations where religious liberty is under attack, and most Americans think of Egypt, China, Pakistan or other points far from home. But a recent report from the Heritage Foundation’s Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Religion & Civil Society warns of a growing hostility toward faith just across our northern border.

In certain parts of Canada, people who believe in the sanctity of marriage or the right to life are losing their rights to pursue a law career, adopt children or hold certain government positions.

“Alberta’s Child and Family Services barred a Christian couple from adopting a child because their religious views about sexuality — views shared by orthodox Jews and Muslims — were incompatible with ‘the official position of the Alberta government,’” the Heritage Foundation reported in The Daily Signal late last month. Read the rest of this entry »

2017 Legislative Wrap Up

December 27th, 2017

By Dr. Mark Creech
Executive Director
Christian Action League

As many of you already know, the Christian Action League of North Carolina is a Christian public-policy organization, birthed by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina decades ago, but today represents conservative evangelical churches from sixteen denominations in the Tar Heel state. We have a full-time presence in the North Carolina General Assembly and address legislative and public-policy matters from a strong biblical worldview.

Whether it’s a question of public policy impacting the family, the life of little unborn babies, the defense of religious liberty, America’s Christian heritage, substance and alcohol abuse, gambling, pornography, etc., the League never shies away from confronting any of these difficult and controversial subjects. The League is always in the vanguard of the discussion.

As the League’s executive director, I serve not only as a registered lobbyist for conservative evangelicals in our state, but my role often has me doubling as a pastor for lawmakers and their legislative staff in Raleigh.  Read the rest of this entry »

Alcohol Industry Wins Big With Tax Reform Law

December 27th, 2017

By L.A. Williams
Christian Action League
December 27, 2017

While President Trump touts his first legislative win, politicians disagree over whether the tax reform bill he signed Friday will most benefit big corporations or middle-class families. But one fact that no one is questioning is that the new law is delivering a huge financial gift to the alcohol industry.

According to the nonprofit Alcohol Justice, the two-year tax break will cost the nation $642 million in lost revenue and benefit the booze industry to the tune of $3.2 billion.

The cuts, part of the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act that was added to the Senate version of the tax bill early this year, were said to be aimed at small brewers, distillers and wineries. But according to alcohol watchdogs, the liquor distillers making more than 100,000 proof-gallons a year will take home nearly three-fourths of the benefits. Of the estimated $126 million in tax cuts earmarked for beer makers, $50 million will go to seven “mega-craft” brewers. Read the rest of this entry »

Swathmore College Offers a Course in ‘Queering God’

December 27th, 2017

By Todd Starnes
Fox News
December 27, 2017

One of the nation’s most prestigious liberal arts colleges is advancing a “queer theology” agenda with hopes of destabilizing traditional beliefs about what the Bible says about gender and sexuality.

Swarthmore College, founded by Quakers, is offering courses in “queering the Bible” and “queering God.” The courses were first reported by Campus Reform.

“Queering the Bible” is a one-credit class that surveys “queer and trans readings of biblical texts.”  Read the rest of this entry »

Abortions Are Killing Fewer Babies: But Which States Have the Biggest Declines

December 26th, 2017

‘On paper, NC Stats look like a big increase for 2014, but that may be somewhat of an illusion created by improved reporting.’
By Randy O’Bannon
December 26, 2017

Earlier this year, we were all delighted to find out that abortions, abortion rates, and abortion ratios had dropped to levels not seen since the early 1970s. The good new meant a drop of 2% in just one year.

Before we go further, here is the caveat that we offer every time. Unlike the CDC, Guttmacher has data from all fifty states and access to more abortionists, so numbers are more complete and its abortion totals are always significantly higher. The CDC’s reports, though, the latest being “Abortion Surveillance — United States, 2014,” are published more frequently and provide more information on the details and demographics of these trends, thus giving us some better idea of some of the factors that may end or extend the decline.

In addition to the fewer abortions, the CDC’s abortion rate for 2014 was 12.1 abortions/1,000 women of reproductive age (15-44 years). That is lower than any other rate the CDC has recorded since the Supreme Court legalized abortion. Read the rest of this entry