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Frequently Asked Questions

The Holy BibleWhat national organization is the Christian Action League affiliated?
The Christian Action League partners with a number of different Christian political activist groups. However, we are officially affiliates of The American Family Association (, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention ( and The American Council on Alcohol Problems.

Does the Christian Action League receive financial support from the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina?
Yes. The Christian Action League is very proud of its relationship with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina ( We were actually birthed by this great denominational body. We consider our relationship with them to be very important.

Where does the Christian Action League receive most of its financial support?
Eighty-five percent of the Christian Action League’s support comes from Southern Baptist Churches in North Carolina that give through their annual budgets. The remaining fifteen percent comes from individuals, churches, and various Christian denominations.

Is the Christian Action League a 501(c)3 organization?
No, the Christian Action League is a non-profit, but it falls under the category of a 501(c)4 organization. This means any gift given to the Christian Action League is not tax deductible. The Internal Revenue Service considers our lobbying activity in the General Assembly of North Carolina too heavy to be considered a 501(c)3.

What is a 501(c)4 organization?
A 501(c)4 organization is afforded non-profit status, but does not have the advantage of tax-deductible contributions. Because it does not allow donors to deduct contributions from federal income tax, 501(c)4 organizations do not have prohibitions from engaging in efforts to influence legislation.

Can Churches give to the Christian Action League without risking their tax-exempt status?
Absolutely yes!  A church may devote up to 20% of the first ½ million dollars in revenue to lobbying generally, 15% of the second ½ million, 10% of the third, and 5% of any revenue above that. That’s the law.

Does the Christian Action League endorse candidates or is it politically partisan?
As a 501(c)4 organization the Christian Action League does have the option of either supporting or opposing a candidate for election, as long as such action is not a substantial part of its ministry.  However, the Christian Action League always seeks to work with all political parties for the purpose of developing and maintaining a just and moral society.

Is the Christian Action League a Prohibitionists organization?
It is true that the Christian Action League has its roots in prohibition. Nevertheless, we have no illusions about bringing back prohibition. The Christian Action League encourages abstinence from alcoholic beverages for all Christians and advocates strong alcohol control policies that limit accessibility to such products. The best research available strongly contends the greater the accessibility to alcohol by communities – the greater the consumption levels – the greater the consumption levels – the greater the alcohol related problems.  The Christian Action League is the only Christian Public Policy organization in North Carolina that still makes alcohol policy a primary concern.