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Calling All Christian Warriors: Sex-Ed and Bullying Bills to be Considered on the Senate Floor, Monday Night, May 4

Urgent Christian Action!Contact your Pastor, fellow Christians, friends and coworkers and urge them to call their State Senator to oppose these bills!!!
Christian Action League


Wednesday, April 29, the Christian Action League reported that HB 88 – The Healthy Youth Act (The Sex-Ed Bill) and SB 526 – The School Violence Prevention Act (The Bullying Bill) were pulled from the Senate Education Committee and sent to the Health and Youth Services Committee. The announcement was made on the Senate floor and the Committee met to take up the measure the same day. After some debate, both bills passed the committee easily. The bills were not considered on the Senate floor the next day, April 30, as feared. However, both bills have been calendared to be heard on the Senate floor on Monday night, May 4, starting at 7:00 p.m.

“Pressure from some of the most liberal members of the Senate is pushing this,” said Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League. “They’re pushing Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand (D-Cumberland) and the leadership. They wanted these bills in one of the most liberal, if not the most liberal committee in the Senate so they could pass it without real challenge. Of course, the only hope of stopping this nonsense is if our people are considerably more passionate than they are.” 

The Sex-Ed Bill is an erroneous approach to human sexuality.

Currently Abstinence Until Marriage (AUM) is the preferred choice for sex-education in the vast majority of North Carolina’s public schools. Out of approximately 115 school systems, only 15 have opted for abstinence-based Comprehensive Sex-education. However, if the Healthy Youth Act passes, CSE will be offered along with AUM in the 100 school systems that currently have not chosen to use it. Parents will be allowed to choose between three options: AUM, CSE, or neither. But CSE is an erroneous approach to human sexuality and AUM since it was enacted in 1995 has overall demonstrated to be exceptionally effective.

Unlike Abstinence Until Marriage (AUM), which teaches abstinence from “sexual activity” until marriage, abstinence-based Comprehensive Sex-Ed (CSE) only teaches abstinence from “sexual intercourse.”  It advocates alternatives to sexual intercourse such as “showering together,” “mutual masturbation,” and “anal intercourse.” Moreover, children as young as 12 years-old will receive instruction in all forms of FDA approved contraception such as male and female condoms, emergency contraception, diaphragms, cervical caps, sponges, spermicides, oral contraceptives, skin patches, vaginal contraceptive rings, contraceptive injections, implanted contraceptives, intrauterine devices and surgical sterilization.

The “Bullying Bill” is a most egregious measure.

It would require local school boards to amend their existing bullying policies to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression.” The measure would not only create a protected status in North Carolina’s public schools for homosexuality, bisexuality, cross dressing and other alternative sexual behaviors, but would also require schools to teach these behaviors are normal and acceptable.

Although proponents of the bill argue that a provision at the end of the legislation would prevent the measure from making “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression” a specially protected class, this is simply legal double speak.

No enumerations could cover all the bullying scenarios and none are needed to provide the essential protections for North Carolina’s children. At least this was the view of the North Carolina Board of Education in 2004. After considering an anti-bullying policy that initially listed 16 specific characteristics including “sexual orientation” and “gender identity/expression,” the board unanimously voted to approve the policy without the specified list.

Certainly all students deserve to be protected from bullying and not simply certain groups. Bullying is always wrong – no matter to whom or for what reason.

The terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression” exist nowhere in North Carolina statutes. Should the “Bullying Bill” pass it will create a domino affect that not only impacts education, but also employment, housing, anti-discrimination laws and potentially North Carolina’s marriage statues since the State doesn’t define marriage in its Constitution.

There is not much time to act. Protest to these two measures need to be loud, passionate and unrelenting over the weekend!!!!


Take Christian Action: Visit the Christian Action League’s Grassroots Action Center immediately and contact your State Senator, asking him/her to vote “No” on HB 88 – The Healthy Youth Act and SB 526 – The School Violence Prevention Act.

First, send your Senator an email expressing your opposition.

Second, follow up with a phone call at home over the weekend. If you should call his/her office on Monday and you don’t get to speak with him/her, be sure to leave a message with the Legislative Assistant stating your opposition to these bills. Be sure to also give your name and place of residence. If the Legislative Assistant doesn’t answer, leave a voice mail stating the same.

By visiting the Christian Action League’s Grass Roots Action Center, you’ll be directed to which State Senator represents you, email and additional contact information.

Click here to respond

Access the Christian Action League’s Bulletin Flyer on the Sex-Ed and Bullying Bills to inform and activate your church’s members. There needs to be a giant protest to these measures over the weekend!!!

Help get the word out on these bills to everyone possible. Reproduce a flyer for this issue and put it in your church bulletin simply by clicking here

Be sure to write in the name of the Senator for your church’s zip-code and his/her contact information before copying off for the church bulletin.