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Republicans Should Add Two Justices to the N.C. Supreme Court!

By Dr. Mark Creech
Executive Director
Christian Action League
December 13, 2016

Lawmakers were at the North Carolina General Assembly today for a special session. The special session is expected to last through the week. They were called back by Governor McCrory to provide relief for the victims of Hurricane Matthew.

It’s been rumored that the Republican majority could also take up legislation to add two members to the North Carolina Supreme Court to offset the results of the election, which gave Progressives a 4-3 majority. If lawmakers did this, Governor McCrory could appoint conservative justices to the two seats before leaving office, giving conservatives a 5-4 advantage. Speaker Moore has reportedly told the media there are no such plans.

Nevertheless, Rev. William Barber II, Nancy Petty of the ultra-liberal Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, and other Leftists religious cheerleaders, with their minions, stood between the upper House and Senate chambers this morning to chant, sing, and preach their Gospel of wealth redistribution and special rights for the immoral.

While one African-American minister donned a black robe and a prayer shawl, speaking with a cadence to protesters, the press zeroed in with their cameras. No doubt, the media will inflate the number of the crowd and fawn over their misguided cause.

Those terrible, terrible Republicans, to think that they might “pack the court.” According to the Raleigh N&O, Senate Minority Leader, Sen. Dan Blue (D-Wake) said it would be “unethical and immoral” to do so.

But strangely, these are the same people who opposed Voter ID – the same crowd who sued and knocked down North Carolina’s Voter ID law via the courts – a law most North Carolinians overwhelmingly supported – a law that would have unquestionably protected the integrity of our state’s elections.

Progressives may have won an additional seat on the Supreme Court, they may have won the gubernatorial race, but they certainly have created a situation that leaves the results of that election in question.

When the federal three-judge panel ordered that legislative districts be redrawn, that the two-year terms of legislators affected would have to be limited to one year, and a special election held in 2017 – these are the same people behind the lawsuit that resulted in that decision – these are the same people who cheered – these are the people whose objective all along has been to overthrow the results of a duly held election.

These people enjoy no moral high ground. They are no paragons for the protection of the rights of the people.

If Republicans were to decide to add two new Justices, as the North Carolina Constitution allows, I think under these circumstances they would be completely justified. There is no wrong in using what constitutional powers are availed to them to checkmate Progressives that constantly abuse the power of the courts to rob the people of their sovereignty.

Republicans can either change the court now or wait for the Democrats to do it, if or when they resume power. Progressives already control the federal judiciary, why give them the state’s highest court?

Because the people willed it, they say. Please, give me a break! No group has been more tyrannical in overturning the will of the people than courts dominated by Progressives.

These are extraordinary times, I suggest, requiring extraordinary measures.

If Republicans were to appoint two conservative Justices to the N.C. Supreme Court, they wouldn’t be “packing it,” instead they would be keeping it from working as a conduit for radical ideas – rulings that essentially neuter the legislature and circumvent the will of the people.

Dr. Mark Creech
Executive Director
Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.