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Rep. Brian Brown of Pitt County Resigns to Work for U.S. Senator Thom Tillis

By Hunter Hines
Christian Action League
October 8, 2015

Rep. Brian Brown Resigns to Work for US Sen. Thom Tillis

Rep. Brian Brown Resigns to Work for US Sen. Thom Tillis

RALEIGH – Monday, Rep. Brian Brown (R-Pitt), resigned his seat, effective immediately, to become the eastern regional representative for U.S. Senator Thom Tillis.

The purpose of the position is to connect Sen. Tillis with his constituents, making certain he’s having good communications with them. Eastern North Carolina includes 28 counties.

In a statement released by Sen. Tillis’ office, Tillis said, “Brian truly understands the importance of public service, and I know he will be a great asset in helping Eastern North Carolinians in this new capacity…A native of Pitt County, Brian has a deep knowledge of the region and recognizes the issues and areas for growth within eastern North Carolina.”

Brown (35) was first elected to the North Carolina House in 2012, beating out long-time incumbent Marian McLawhorn (D).

He has been a legislator two terms and served on various committees including: homeland security, military, veterans’ affairs, regulatory reform, transportation, the joint legislative economic development and global engagement oversight committee, commerce and job development, education, and appropriations.

Speaker Tim Moore appointed Brown as chairman of both the Health Committee and the Committee on University Education, and vice chairman of Appropriations and Commerce and Job Development.

He has also served on numerous sub-committees of the House.

Brown announced by email his decision to leave his seat in the 9th District, saying it had been a tremendous honor to represent Pitt County. “I am excited to join Sen. Tillis’ talented and dedicated staff to now serve all of Eastern North Carolina by assisting communities across the region and helping Sen. Tillis build on the progress he has already made on military, veterans, agriculture, and coastal issues,” Brown wrote.

Brown had served with Tillis in the House when the Senator was Speaker at the time.

N.C. Republican Party Chairman Hasan Harnett also released a statement, saying, “In his work as Chairman of the House Health Committee and Committee on University Education…Rep. Brown had a direct role in making North Carolina a stronger and better place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Pitt County Republican Chairman, Ginny Cooper, told the Greenville Reflector on Tuesday that she was not ready to announce any nominees that would replace Brown. She said Pitt Republican leaders knew that Brown’s resignation was forthcoming and they were already working on getting his replacement.

Governor Pat McCrory will appoint the nominee to replace Brown.

Dr. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League, said, “CAL supporters in eastern North Carolina appreciate Brown’s service to the state during his time in the House. We pray God’s richest of blessings on him and his family in his new station alongside Sen. Tillis.”