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One Year after HB 2 – Where Have All the Feminists Gone?

By Traci Devette Griggs
North Carolina Family Policy Council
March 25, 2017

As with many women, the general atmosphere of my teen years was infused with caution about how to make sure I stayed safe. “You are less vulnerable if you: walk as if you know where you’re going; don’t wear suggestive clothes; don’t flirt too much so the guy won’t get the wrong idea; don’t drink because it can alter your judgment; don’t walk down dark alleys or go to restrooms alone; check around your car carefully before getting in; don’t sit in your car in a dark parking lot.” The list could go on and on. Even today, these cautions are a constant and oftentimes unconscious mantra that plays in my mind.

In light of this reality and as we pass the one year mark since the passage of HB2 (the “bathroom bill”), I continue to be baffled by my more liberal-minded friends—and it often seems, every news reporter and sportscaster in the entire nation—that label me a “bigot” because I am not okay with men and boys entering women-only spaces. Under recent efforts by the Charlotte City Council and LGBT activists, all restrictions would be removed regarding who could enter any restrooms, locker rooms, and shower rooms. Read the rest of this entry