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My Health and a Personal Appeal

By Dr. Mark Creech
Christian Action League
February 27, 2017

Recently after a health scare that resulted in my being hospitalized, I was reading the book of Exodus about Moses’ efforts to emancipate the children of Israel and to build a great nation. In the 18th chapter, it teaches that Moses was doing too much and delegating too little.

Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law was concerned for Moses’ health and the dignity of his leadership under its tremendous burdens. So it was tactfully suggested he divide the load with others, “who fear God.”

Let me be personal with you. I’m no Moses, but I can identify with having more on my plate than one man can possibly be expected to do. I need to delegate some of my responsibilities.

In the office of the Christian Action League, there is research and analysis that needs to be done. There are research papers and handouts for lawmakers that need to be written as a part of our lobbying activities. Our website, with new stories of what’s happening across the state, needs to constantly be updated. Social media messages that keep people engaged are a new dynamic today that must not be neglected. Meetings, conferences, rallies, and press events that provide critical information, inspiration, and training need to be arranged and scheduled.

The League is doing much of this already. However, because we are woefully short-staffed, most, if not all of the burden falls on me. And it’s beginning to take its toll on my health. Yet, we are living during a time when our resources for ministry aren’t growing and the intensity and urgency of the issues continue to rise with each day’s passing.

So I can’t stop!!!

Consider this. This week, lawmakers are considering a compromise to HB 2, the state’s controversial “bathroom law” – a compromise measure that’s really capitulation. Also currently filed and introduced this week is another bill to legalize medical marijuana in our state. Moreover, I’m expecting a measure coming down the pike that would radically change the state’s alcohol policy, further endangering the public’s health. There are also issues pertinent where our help is being sought in Watauga and Lincoln counties.

At a time when I need to be slowing down a bit, instead, I’ve got to speed up.

This is why I’m making a personal appeal to you. We need more funds to hire additional staff and contract personnel to whom we can delegate much of this work. And I don’t believe it would be so hard to make this happen.

Think of it! Eighty-five percent of the League’s support comes from Southern Baptist Churches and there are more than 4,000 SBC churches in North Carolina.

If each SBC church in NC simply sent $100 annually to the League, look what’s possible:

4000 churches @ $100 each = $400,000

3000 churches @ $100 each = $300,000

2000 churches @ $100 each = $200,000 

1000 churches @ $100 each = $100,000

500  churches @ $100 each = $50,000

Would it be too difficult for most churches to send $100 each year? I don’t think so. Most could send that amount from their discretionary funds. Most could likely find it in monies still available that were unused from line items in their budgets.

A good response to this appeal could significantly lift my burden, as well give the League a powerful boost of efficiency and productivity.

You know, it’s not even necessary that the church gives that amount annually. We just need 500, 1000, 2000, etc. entities, whether they are church groups like a Sunday School class or a missions group or even individuals that will provide the $100 contributions.

I hope to further develop this concept in the coming days. But for now, let me just ask that you pass this information along to the appropriate persons in your church leadership.

You could also choose to give $100 right now.


Finally, let me mention something else. The Christian Action League is currently in need of a new website. Our current site desperately needs an update that is going to cost us $2500. Would you consider donating to this?

Once again, let me personally appeal to you. I need your generous gift to help left my burden – to provide additional staff and the means to secure contract work.

I received a good report from the doctors, but they are insisting that I should lower my stress levels by reducing some of my workloads. This is why I’m asking you to help. But I’m mostly asking for Christ’s sake. There is absolutely too much at stake and we can’t afford to slow down.

To make a secure online donation, go to this link:

Because the Christian Action League is a 501c4 organization, we are not required to make our donor’s names public. Donors are held in the strictest confidence.

To make your contribution through the mail, send your gift to:

Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.
809 Spring Forest Road
Suite 1000
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609

Thank you for your prayers and gifts in the past. I’m praying that I’ll be hearing from you soon.

God Bless,

Dr. Mark Creech
Executive Director
Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.