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Gaston County Commissioners Resolve to Place ‘In God We Trust’ on Main Entrance to County Courthouse

By M.H. Cavanaugh
Christian Action League
February 12, 2015

GastonGASTON COUNTY, N.C. – Tuesday, Gaston County Commissioners passed a resolution that calls for the national motto, “In God We Trust” to be displayed at the main entrance of the county courthouse.

According to the Gaston Gazette, Gaston County Commissioner, Tracy Philbeck, says displaying the motto is not about encouraging people to pray, going to church or believing a certain way. He contends it’s simply a demonstration of patriotism – an ideology that America was founded on.

Philbeck told WCNC News, “I think history needs to be told, and why people get upset for displaying the national motto is beyond me.” He correctly argues that the majority of Americans support the motto and says the action taken by the Board of Commissioners is protected by legal precedent.

“People could sue for anything,” Philbeck told WCNC, “but it is settled law, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals already ruled in this situation and the Supreme Court already affirmed.”

Only one person expressed opposition to the Commissioners’ resolution. According to WSOC News, Jared Frick, complained, “Why would anybody want to cram their religion down on other people?” He agreed the motto was history, but also cited separation of church and state as a reason for not posting the phrase.

Executive Director of the Christian Action League, Dr. Mark Creech, said the separation of church and state was never meant to sanitize all references of God from public life. “These assertions by atheists, secularists, and sometimes even well-meaning professing Christians are preposterous,” he said.

“’In God We Trust’ appears opposite the President of the Senate, who is the Vice President of the United States. The same words are inscribed in the marble back drop of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Engraved at the top of the Washington monument are the words, ‘Praise be to God.’ Lining the walls of that same edifice are numerous biblical phrases. On the walls of the Library of Congress there are various quotes from the Bible. On the wall of the Lincoln Memorial are the 16th President’s Gettysburg address and his Second Inaugural speech, which refer to “God,” the “Bible,” “providence,” “the Almighty,” “divine attributes” and “the judgments of the Lord.” The Jefferson Memorial has a quote from Thomas Jefferson that solemnly warns our nation of the folly of removing God from our national life. Moreover, it’s on our currency,” said. Dr. Creech

The Gaston Gazette reports the Freedom from Religion Foundation, a national atheists Wisconsin based group says they have already received a complaint about the commissioners plan to display the motto. The organization has tried unsuccessfully to fight federal court rulings concerning the motto before.

The Gaston Gazette also reports the idea for displaying the motto on the county courthouse was first suggested to Philbeck by former Davidson County Commissioner, Rick Lanier. Lanier now heads the U.S. Motto Action Committee. Davidson County installed the phrase on its government center in 2002 and the courts have upheld their right to do so.

Lanier told WNCN that to date, nearly 500 municipalities nation-wide have passed similar resolutions in favor of posting “In God We Trust.”

“The Christian Action League applauds the Gaston County Commissioners,” said Dr. Creech.

“Those words on our national motto remind us of the importance of national character. We do not live by bread alone. Nor are we simply what we possess. Our enduring strength is not in our economy, our government, our military, but instead comes from our trust in God, the One who is sovereign over the nations. It reminds us of the principle articulated by President Ronal Reagan, who said, “The day we forget that we are a nation under God is the day we will be a nation gone under.”