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Garland Honeycutt Named New Director of Development for Christian Action League

By L.A. Williams, Correspondent
Christian Action League
December 19, 2012


Garland Honeycutt

Garland Honeycutt has been named the Christian Action League’s new Director of Development.

“We are pleased to introduce Garland to our current partners in ministry across the state as well as those who haven’t yet become involved in the Christian Action League’s work but may do so as they hear from Garland and learn more about our common goals,” said the Rev. Mark Creech, executive director and lobbyist for the 75-year-old public policy organization. “We have already worked closely with Garland on a number of issues and seen his devotion to the cause of Christ.”

A native of Bakersville in the mountains of North Carolina and a student at the College at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Honeycutt said he thrilled to take on the new role even as he works to finish his bachelor’s degree in theology.

“My commitment to seeing the gospel message bear witness through public policy is what motivates me as I work alongside Dr. Mark Creech and the Christian Action League,” Honeycutt said. “Additionally, my heart for the churches and state government of North Carolina is what compels me to form partnerships among these two groups, as I serve specifically as CAL’s Director of Development.”

Honeycutt, who is chairman of Mayland Citizens for Faith and Family Values, a movement of convictional and concerned citizens in Mitchell, Avery and Yancey counties, has previously served the CAL as an intern.

“I want to see evangelical churches across our state recognize their prophetic role in culture and voice the moral truths of the Christian faith in the halls of the North Carolina General Assembly,” he said. “By partnering with the Christian Action League, evangelical churches can positively impact the moral climate of our state, not only for the betterment of North Carolina, but for the glory of Christ.”

Dr. Creech said he encourages churches and pastors to become familiar with CAL by calling on Honeycutt to visit and share the organization’s vision and specific goals for the upcoming session of the Legislature.

“CAL isn’t looking for a list of financial donors, we are looking for passionate partners in ministry,” Honeycutt said. “As your voice in the General Assembly, we want to speak boldly on your behalf!”

To find out more or to schedule the CAL’s new Director of Development to speak at your church, phone the Christian Action League at (919) 787-0606.