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Decision America Tour Draws Thousands to State Capitol

By Jeff Moore
North State Journal
October 17, 2016


RALEIGH — North Carolina’s own Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse held his last stop on the Decision America Tour on the grounds of the State Capitol in Raleigh Thursday, completing a months-long expedition to all 50 state capitols that seeks to unite Christians in voting their values come election time.

State Capitol Police estimated 10,500 people attended the event, as they enjoyed musical performances, prayed together, and received a moving speech from Graham to cap it all off.

“Washington doesn’t work,” Graham told the crowd. “So much of our politics in this country is broken and no political party or individual is going to be able to turn this around.”

“We are at the heart of the battle for our nation.” Mark Creech, executive director of Christian Action League, on North Carolina’s important role in 2016 elections Graham implored all in attendance to become engaged in the political process in order to ensure those values are represented and their voices heard. If you don’t vote, Graham said, you have no one to blame but yourself. Read the rest of this entry