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CLPA of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina Urges Support for the CAL

By Pam Blume
Christian Action League
September 5, 2014

CLPAThe Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee (CLPA) of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) is encouraging state pastors to lead their churches to actively support the Christian Action League (CAL).

In a letter sent to pastors of churches in cooperation with the NCBSC, the committee reminds church leadership that the state convention “…was instrumental in the founding of the CAL and has always been a financial supporter of the CAL. However the support of churches and individuals is essential.” The CLPA urges the pastors to lead their churches to place CAL in their annual budgets. With 4,300 churches in the state convention, a budgeted annual gift of just $100 per church would greatly impact the ministry of CAL.

Tasked with providing NC Baptists with biblically-based education and information on issues facing the state and nation, the CLPA serves as a liaison between CAL and the state convention. In a time when society is unraveling socially and morally, the committee is redoubling its efforts to get the word to church leadership of the critical importance of having a presence in the General Assembly that will address the issues of concern to Baptists from a Christian perspective.

In a letter to the CLPA, CAL director Mark Creech stated that “…many churches have failed to recognize the urgency of the social issues confronting our state and nation. Nor do they understand the biblical mandate for the church to address these issues in the public arena. And even many of the churches that might support our efforts are largely unaware of the CAL and the fine way it is speaking to these matters daily by direct contact with those who make our state’s laws.”

In response, the CLPA has conveyed to NC pastors the importance of the work of CAL, stating, “Whenever church leaders are able to find a trusted source, a reliable interpretation, and a devoted partner in ministry it is indeed a blessing. While finding ministry resources is at times difficult, finding resources to make sense of the ever changing legislation, policies, and positions discussed in the North Carolina General Assembly is seemingly impossible. This is why Christian Action League (CAL) continues to play such a vital role for pastors and churches across our state. …The CAL staff understands the conviction of pastors, the position of churches, and the admonition of our Lord to be ‘salt and light’ in a world that is growing darker by the day. …While pastors are engaged in the difficult work of ministry, the staff of the CAL is working on their behalf in the General Assembly.”

In addition to budgeted financial support, the CLPA urges pastors and their churches to pray for Mark Creech, the CAL board of directors and CAL staff. They also inform them that Reverend Creech is available to preach to their congregations and will bring a message of truth from God’s word and a testimony of encouragement of how God is at work in the midst of the turmoil in our nation and state.

Mark Creech says that CAL and its board and staff are deeply appreciative for its positive relationship of many years with the Baptist State Convention. “The CAL was essentially birthed by the efforts of North Carolina Baptists, and although we work with other evangelical groups in the Tar Heel State, more than three-quarters of our support comes from BSCNC churches. While the CLPA seeks to keep Baptists informed, the CAL provides the indispensable service of ‘boots on the ground’ accurate information about such issues from a strong Christian worldview, along with its full-time lobbying presence in the North Carolina General Assembly. …I am convinced that nobody does a better job of reporting on these matters than the CAL. I’m further convinced support will naturally grow as churches learn about the urgency of the matters at hand. Religious liberty issues are likely to increase in prominence in the near future. And such matters have to be confronted with a concerted moral voice facilitated by our partnership.”

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