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Bullying Bill to be heard in House Education Committee on Thursday

Bullying BillUrgent Action Alert
Call your State Representative now!!!

Christian Action League

Masquerading as an attempt to end bullying in North Carolina public schools, a bill that will create protected classes for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” is being heard in the House Education Committee on Thursday, May 28th at 11:00 am.

Even though North Carolina already has a statewide anti-bullying policy, Senate Bill 526 directs local school boards to adopt a new policy aimed at preventing bullying motivated by the “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” of the victim, whether it is actual or perceived.

Listing motivations or characteristics of victims is unnecessary in order to prevent bullying. Teachers and administrators have authority to prevent bullying and should prevent bullying no matter what the reason or who the victim. Bullying is bullying. All students deserve to be protected from bullying, not just certain groups of students.

Senate Bill 526 would create a new protected class under North Carolina law for homosexuals, cross-dressers, and 29 other “sexual orientations” (as listed by the American Psychological Association) ranging from bestiality to heterosexuality to pedophilia. Many of these behaviors are illegal, yet the bill does not differentiate between these “sexual orientations.” Outlawing bullying motivated by illegal behaviors of the victim, tends to give those illegal behaviors legal sanction or approval.

If Senate Bill 526 is enacted, it could lead to the silencing of Christians. Any expression of disapproval or opposition to homosexual behavior, cross-dressing, or any number of “sexual orientations” could be deemed to be a form of bullying. This means, for example, that a male teacher who suddenly decides to wear a dress to school might not be disciplined or asked to cease this behavior for fear it would be bullying the teacher because of his “gender identity.”

The bill takes the emphasis off the bully and his bad behavior and places it on the victim. It also draws greater attention to the distinguishing characteristic of the victim, thereby producing greater trauma for that student.

This bill could eventually weaken our marriage laws. As has already happened in California and Iowa, courts in North Carolina might look to this bill as evidence of a legislative intent to grant special rights to homosexuals. This could provide the legal basis to strike down North Carolina’s marriage laws because they don’t grant marriage rights to homosexuals.

Call or email your House member NOW and ask them to vote against Senate Bill 526 or to amend the bill to delete special classes of victims. Let’s stop this bill in committee before it gets to the House floor!

To contact your Representative in the North Carolina House click here