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One News Now

Fantasy Sports Bill Does Constitute Gambling, ‘Saying it doesn’t is Part of the Fantasy’

March 17th, 2017

By L.A. Williams
Christian Action League
March 14, 2017

RALEIGH – Tar Heel lawmakers pushing a Fantasy Sports Regulation bill, HB 279 – Fantasy Sports Regulation, are right about one thing: the games are becoming very popular very quickly.

But even as bill sponsors claim their proposed law would offer guidelines and a means to supervise the growing industry, in truth the measure would do little more than legalize yet another form of gambling in exchange for giving the state a cut of the profits.

“Just because the bill says these types of games ‘do not constitute gambling,’ does not make it so,” said the Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League. “That’s part of the fantasy.” Read the rest of this entry »

Back Again! A Proposal for the Legalization of Medical Marijuana

March 17th, 2017

By M.H. Cavanaugh
Christian Action League
March 16, 2017

RALEIGH – A medical marijuana bill filed in the North Carolina House, HB 185 – Legalize Medical Marijuana, makes the ninth straight year an attempt to legalize the drug has been made in the Tar Heel state. Previous attempts haven’t gained any traction.

But the primary sponsors of the measure, Reps. Kelly Alexander (D-Mecklenburg), Rodney Moore (D-Mecklenburg), Becky Carney (D-Mecklenburg), and Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford) are hoping this year will be different.

Rep. Rodney Moore told the Raleigh News and Observer, “The reason why myself and Rep. Alexander keep putting this bill forth is simply that some of our citizens need it. So we’re going to keep pushing it.” Read the rest of this entry »

NC Doing Just Fine Despite Hype, says Lt. Gov.

March 13th, 2017

By Charlie Butts
March 13, 2017

If North Carolina is a good example, Texas shouldn’t fear harm from passing into law its version of the bathroom bill.

SB 6 is a Texas bill, voted out of committee to the full Senate, which would require men to use men’s restroom facilities.

One of the key witnesses before the committee was North Carolina’s lieutenant governor, Dan Forest. In a press conference with Texas Values, he disputed claims that his state has lost business over the issue.

“If you take the most aggressive numbers for the loss that we’ve actually had, because of what’s been done to protect privacy and safety in bathrooms in North Carolina,” said Forest, “you would add that all up and it would come up to 1/10th of one percent of our annual GDP.” Read the rest of this entry »

N.C. House ABC Committee Meets, ABC Chief Administrator Presents Overview of Commission’s Role and Warns Committee that Breakdown of ‘Three-Tier’ System Will Result in ‘Huge Excesses’

March 10th, 2017

By M.H. Cavanaugh
Christian Action League
March 10, 2017

RALEIGH – The House ABC Committee held its first meeting of the 2017-2018 Legislative Biennium on Wednesday. The meeting, which was held in the Legislative Office Building, was basically an orientation for committee members.

The committee consists of the following members:

Chairman Rep. Boles
Chairman Rep. McGrady
Vice Chairman Rep. Fisher
Vice Chairman Rep. Hardister
Members Rep. Alexander, Rep. Brawley, Rep. Dobson, Rep. Earle, Rep. Gill, Rep. Hanes, Rep. Harrison, Rep. Hastings, Rep. Holley, Rep. Hurley, Rep. Brenden Jones, Rep. Lucas, Rep. Malone, Rep. Murphy, Rep. Potts, Rep. B. Richardson, Rep. Saine, Rep. Stone, Rep. Willingham, Rep. Yarborough, Rep. Zachary

The meeting started with an introduction of the state’s new ABC chairman, Zander Guy. Guy expressed his desire to be available to committee members for any ABC related questions. He cited the NC ABC’s annual report, which was provided to the committee, noting the words “Control,” “Service,” and “Revenue,” which he said, “sums it all up.” Read the rest of this entry »

Fearing Gov’t Control, Trans Bathrooms, Christian Preschool Closes

March 10th, 2017
By Michael F. Haverluck
March 10, 2017

The following story shows the kind of circumstances created by ordinances like the one passed in Charlotte that North Carolina’s HB 2 overturned. “Sexual Orientation” and “Gender Identity” (SOGI) ordinances, which is what Charlotte passed, pose serious problems for religious liberty. North Carolina lawmakers need to keep HB 2 and make no compromises. –Dr. Mark Creech, ex. dir. Christian Action League.


Fear over government regulations trumping Christian teachings, along with the Obama administrations’ transgender bathroom mandate sweeping across America’s schools, is causing a state-funded Christian preschool in Florida to shut its doors for good at the end of the semester in May.

School officials are wary that that the way the government has cracked down over the years on Christianity with its secular worldview dominating curricula and campus policies, their faculty and staff will soon be forced to compromise their Christian teachings – and even require them to provide bathroom accommodations for children who consider themselves to be “transgender.” Read the rest of this entry »

New ABC Chairman Sworn-In, Creech Says He Doesn’t Agree with Negative Response to His Appointment

March 9th, 2017

Zander Guy sworn-in as new ABC Chairman next to his wife Sabrina. Picture courtesy of WECT News 6

By Hunter Hines
Christian Action League
March 9, 2017

RALEIGH – A.D. Zander Guy, Jr, who was appointed recently to serve as chairman of the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABC) under Gov. Roy Cooper, was sworn into office on Wednesday.

Guy previously served on the ABC Commission from 2009 to 2013 and served as interim chairman from February 2012 to February 2013 under then-Governor Beverly Perdue. He replaces Gov. Pat McCrory’s pick for the job, former Lt. Gov. Jim Gardner.

The hearing room at the offices of the ABC Commission in Raleigh, where the swearing-in-ceremony took place, was overflowing with guests. Every seat was filled to capacity and more than a hundred people stood along the walls and outside the door. Read the rest of this entry »

U.S. Supreme Court Sends Transgender Bathroom Case Back to Lower Court

March 6th, 2017

By Michael Gryboski
Christian Post
March 6, 2017

The United States Supreme Court has decided to return a case regarding a Virginia transgender student born female who wants to use the men’s room back to a lower court.

Last October, the highest court in the nation agreed to hear an appeal in the case of Gloucester County School Board v. Gavin Grimm.

However, in an order issued Monday the Supreme Court sent the transgender lawsuit back to the lower court from which it came.

“The judgment is vacated, and the case is remanded to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit for further consideration in light of the guidance document issued by the Department of Education and Department of Justice on February 22, 2017,” read the order.

According to SCOTUSblog, a major factor in the high court sending the case back was due to a Fourth Circuit decision being based off of the Obama Administration’s 2015 guidance on allowing transgender students to use the facilities of their choosing. Read the rest of this entry


For a good explanation of what this decision by the High Court means, read the following from the Family Research Council, SCOTUS: MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU.

Rep. McGrady, Other Lawmakers and Business Interests Hold Press Conference on HB 2 Compromise Bill

March 3rd, 2017

By L.A. Williams
Christian Action League
March 3, 2017

RALEIGH – The quest to find common ground in the battle over HB2 was the topic of a Tuesday press conference led by Rep. Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson), one of four primary sponsors of repeal bill HB 186. Introduced last week, the bipartisan legislation has sparked ire on both sides of the aisle and won’t come out of the House Rules Committee, McGrady says, until and unless he has the votes needed to pass the measure.

Though none wholeheartedly endorsed the bill in its present form, a half dozen business leaders spoke out at the press conference about the economic damage they say HB2 has caused and thanked bill sponsors for at least bringing a compromise proposal to the table.

Many were from Charlotte, where the controversy over who should use which bathroom started more than a year ago when the City Council passed an ordinance allowing people with gender issues to use whichever bathroom they wanted. The state responded with HB2, which preserves bathroom privacy — gender-specific restrooms based on the biological sex listed on a person’s birth certificate — and keeps municipalities from offering special legal protections based on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Read the rest of this entry »

Bill Could Allow Sunday Morning Alcohol Sales

March 3rd, 2017

Dr. Creech says the measure erodes ‘the responsibility of state-controlled ABC stores, which is to regulate — not promote — the sale of spirituous liquors.’
By Mackensy Lunsford
Asheville-Citizen Times
March 2, 2017

Apparently mimosas have the power to transcend party lines.

A bipartisan bill filed in the N.C. Senate on Wednesday proposes a change to the blue law prohibiting alcoholic beverage sales in restaurants before noon Sundays. The bill is sponsored by Republican Sens. Rick Gunn and Sen. Kathy Harrington, and Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue, a Democrat.

Under Senate Bill 155, also known as the “brunch bill,” local governments would have the power to decide whether restaurants could begin pouring alcoholic drinks as early as 10 a.m. Alcohol sales at grocery and ABC stores would still be prohibited before noon.

Jason Roy, who co-owns two Biscuit Head locations in North Carolina, and another in South Carolina, is all for relaxing Sunday-morning liquor sales. “We have always thought that was an antiquated law,” he said.

Roy’s restaurants, know for over-the-top biscuit dishes, open at 8 a.m. on Sundays. At noon in the West Asheville location, Biscuit Head servers ring a bell to usher in the sale of mimosas and sake-based Bloody Marys.

If the bill becomes law, Roy said it might mean hundreds of extra dollars in his pocket each week. “Sundays are our busiest days, and before-noon sales would really help us out.” Read the rest of this entry

‘Life at Conception’ Bill Introduced in North Carolina

March 3rd, 2017

By Dr. Susan Berry
March 2, 2017

A North Carolina lawmaker has introduced a bill into the state legislature that would include a definition of the beginning of life as “the moment of fertilization or cloning.”

Rep. Beverly Boswell (R) introduced H.B. 163, which would provide “equal protection for the right to life of each born and preborn human person,” and would assert “the right to life is vested in each human being.”

In an exclusive statement to Breitbart News, Boswell responds to the common progressive narrative that abortion is “healthcare,” as set forth consistently by Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards.

“Abortion is sexist,” Boswell says. “The very fact that abortionists have to use a term other than ‘abortion’ to refer to the act belies the claim that the dismembering of a fetus in the womb is ‘health care.’” Read the rest of this entry